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Motorcycle Auctions

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Owen, Aug 31, 2005.

  1. Just wondering if anyone has ever got a bike from one of those ex-govt motorbike auctions?

  2. i remember a while back looking to buy i came accross pickles auctions etc but all the bikes sold had been involved in accidents

    not sure if this helps
  3. What sort of bike have you got in mind owen?
  4. I think JDaley (HMRAV) bought a postie bike at Fowles. Seems to be okay. :D :D :D
  5. dont do it for your first bike mate. plenty of ppls buy bikes there and end up ahead, but i'm guessing plenty also end up behind too. for the first bike, buy something thats registered and roadworthy then once you know what your looking at/for, go grab a cheap bike that needs work :wink:
  6. Bike Auctions

    My ex-SAPol BMW came from an auction. Since it was an ex-police bike, a full service log was available, along with the shops name(s) and officer. You could tell a huge amount about how the bike was cared for by the service log by analysing the service intervals, what had been replaced, how often tyres got replaced and the like. It also allowed me to identify if there had been recurrent problems, and how the bike was used.

    Talking to the officer and the work shops was handy too!

    Generally, it was a great way to pick up a great bike at an excellent price.

    Hope this helps,

  7. My only concern with buying a sapol bike would be with the way that they are treated.

    Up over gutters, no clutching up and down through the gears and generally hammered, maybe you have been one of the lucky ones, I have heard of someone who had to do a complete gearbox rebuild within the first six months of buying one.
  8. Cop vehicles get flogged.

    Added to that, the one I saw go at a Fowels auction, wasn't that cheap for the k's.

    Keep in mind most government auction vehicles don't have rego, or very little. So in NSW, budget for, pink slip (or blue, if no rego), green slip, rego and a few repairs.

    On top of the usual transfer and insurance costs.

    Also cop and ambo bikes have funny seat arrangements. If you don't like it, then get a price to change it, before you bid. I'm betting it wouldn't be cheap to get it back to an original seat configuration.
  9. Talking to the service guys and the Officer helped make up my mind - it had been an escort bike on the freeways, so it didn't get all that much thrashing around town, and the cop was well known to the service guys as someone who really cared for his bike. I suppose the moral of this story is to do the research and talk to people before laying down the hard earned!

    Even if I end up having to replace the gearbox and clutch, I'll still be ahead of buying a high mileage 2nd hand bike!

  10. Its an ex-govt auction in SA. You can get ex-training bikes (the ones for the L's training) cb250 etc all good cond. really llow kms (6k or so). Was originally after a gpx or srx but now i am just going to get whatever is cheap and good quality, after all im def. gonna go higher than 250 in a years time.
  11. Cops also get a unlimited budget to maintain their bikes.

    And since bike cops, love their bikes, they really do maintain it. Also you really don't want something to be going wrong with your bike if you're doing a high speed chase :)

    And those BMW really don't get broken in until they do 100,000 klicks :)
  12. BTW, after buying the monster at auction, and spending (what is it now, 3 months?) sourcing parts, it ain't easy.

    Granted I'm going to be ahead in the end, but only about about a grand or so, and if I take into account all the time and aggro spent on it, prob not worth it.
  13. Sounds like a plan.

    Work out your costs, then get an idea of prices, both private and dealership.

    Work out a maxiumum bid from there.

    If it's during the week you will generally be bidding only against dealers. They obviously can't pay as much as you because they need to make a profit.

    The other trick with an auction is to keep a bit of reallity about bidding.

    I saw a young couple get bid well into the high teens on a Fatboy once that needed $7k spending on it to get it back on the road. This was when you could get a new one for $23k. They were bidding against a wrecker, who could obviously get more for parts then the whole bike.

    remember these type of auctions run pretty regully.
  14. Which Auction house is it??

    As for ex-learner bikes... LOL their cluches and gear boxes are going to be flogeg... on the other hand they wil be cheep as chips... go for one with the most ammout of small dints in the tank!!! and scratches!! wach out for bent handle bars (though they can be replaced for under $50)... Ride the bike till it falls apart... As long as it is very close to RWC and Cheep buy it!!
  15. I can only speak for the ACT here, but I know that the ACT cops bikes were scrupulously maintained and were very much prized objects when they turned up at auctions in Canberra.
  16. ...not to forget the 5.5% (Fowles) to 10% (Pickles) or more % loading of admin. costs on top of your "hammer-" price.
    Then comes a ViV-report (or equivalent in other States than Vic, lately required for ANY re-registration of written-off vehicles) at $300 plus GST, then rego costs, stamp-duty on the MARKET-value of the bike (NOT the price paid at the auction), RWC and "inspection"-cost at the RTA at about $40 at time of registration...
    Example: late model VFR800, low km, with a decent buff-in-the-head, scrapes and scratches on one side, busted nose/ headlight/missing instrument cluster and the typical bag-of-small bits like indicators/levers/clip-on bar....and bent legs at around $5k?

    $275 admin loading
    $330 VIV
    $50 RWC
    $500 Rego (the NSW green-slip stuff is even more expensive)
    $40 RTA inspection
    $25? numberplate

    There's $1250 in those bits alone.
    $500 for a frame check (if nothing needs to be done to it)
    $100 triple clamps check (if nothing needs to be done to it)
    $650 pair of slider-tubes
    $990 instrument cluster
    $850 complete headlight unit
    $470 clutch cover
    ???? sticker kit
    ???? clip-on/bar-weights/ grommets/ bolts/bits and bobs (plastic push-pins are $3.30 EACH)
    $160 rear-brake lever
    $1100 new front rim (old one turned out cracked at close inspection, AFTER the purchase)
    fresh tyres...
    The list is endless !!!
    Wooot? No key? Fowles hasn't got it/ nor the towing mob/ nor the cops?
    Forget tracing the owner for the spare...near impossible to find that out, privacy stuff and all that....
    Hand over $1700 (trade-prices) for a complete, new HISS system incl. ignition lock, there will be NO keys available separately, despite any song/dance ...prove of ownership or anything else.

    Oops, the bargain has turned sour.
    A trap that too many fall into, searching for the "easy"?? way to a cheap bike. :( :(
  17. OMG!!!! That is appalling.
    I sourced a 1999 VFR800 with panniers and everything, 2nd hand and registered in Sydney a couple of weeks ago and it $7950 or something.....A mate was considering it. It looked like a good deal to me...but on that basis, it was sensational deal.
  18. THAT sounds good, damn good.
    As always, on closer inspection....Tyres? (500/ set)
    sprockets/ chain? 300/set plus labour
    a FULL service with the lot and toppings? (tappets/ change of ALL fluids, flushing radiator....just doing it really thoroughly... nitty-gritty etc) (800-1000bux?)
    Brake-rotors? (500 upwards?)

    Even here...buyer beware, an extra $2k are quickly spent with possibly some more needed for those wanted extras.
  19. Yes, agreed. A "bargain" usually isn't!!!
    It's a truism of life isn't it? You get nothing for nothing.
  20. just remember those bikes arnt always crashed

    ever heard of repossesion