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Motorcycle Atlas for AUS. and NZ. for sale on Netrider

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Nov 28, 2005.

  1. Haven't started your Xmas shopping yet, or still looking for that perfect present for your loved one or friend that rides?

    The Australia Motorcycle Atlas or New Zealand Motorcycle Atlas would make for a terrific gift, either for yourself or your someone else. Maybe your friend or loved one has the 1st Australian edition, and would love a copy of the updated 2nd edition?

    Netrider now has them available for purchase on our merchandise page :)

    Each Atlas has over 100 of the best rides throughout the country, with each one having a full page dedicated to it describing what to see, rating, distance and start/end locations. The rear of the motorcycling atlas contains a complete road atlas and each ride is referenced to the atlas. Other sections include packing and a list of all national parks indicating the available facilities.

    The atlas has a soft cover, and is spiral bound for ease of use on the road. It's the perfect size for the pack, with a tough plastic sleeve to protect it.

    The Australian one was heavily colaborated with Peter "The Bear" Thoeming, one of Australia's leading mototcycle writers and the NZ one was written by Peter Mitchell, author of "Great Escapes - A guide to motorcycle touring in NZ.".
  2. A very good atlas to have . I would buy 1 from the mercandise page but i already have the 2nd edition and used it almost every day when i was in Tassie.A MUST have.
  3. I would love an excuse to buy one of these, but like all such publications, they think 'WA' is Washinton State.
  4. I had a quick browse of this at Stookie's when I was down for the Dinner, a great volume, will be getting a couple for Christmas pressies....
  5. I think I better add this to my book collection.
  6. Folk, they are in stock and they look awesome.

    The spiral binding makes it easy to open and keep open on the desired page.

    They come in a nice plastic wallet to keep them nice and clean.

    There are 5 in stock and ready to ship. Next day delivery via courier for Melb folk, Auspost for everyone else.
  7. Grrrr, I've got the previous edition with only 50 rides written up in it...

    Top piece of kit though.

    I'll be buying the next edition (the one with 200 rides)
  8. Well I have just ordered 2 of them, so that might only leave 3.
  9. If for no other reason just buy one for the great pictures of Triumphs in all shapes and sizes.
  10. Close, there are only 2 left :)
  11. Very pleased with the copy I received last week, will make a great xmas gift for the old man... hmmm then again I might just keep it for myself it's that nifty :)

    I love the quote in the Reefton write up about corners 'littered with ducati parts' :LOL:
  12. looks excellent !

  13. Bear personally autographed mine, don't ya hate name droppers :LOL:

    It's great, it fits right in my tank bag. Plus mine got a little wet one ride and it dries out really nice as well.