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Motorcycle and Scooter riders invited to launch bus lane sharing trial on Hoddle Street, Mon 21st No

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Mouth, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Email received ....

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  2. Sahweet, I'm there
  3. FFS don't practice your SMIDSY avoidance technique during this
  4. Oh mate, seriously, come on. What do you take me for?
  5. not sure how i feel about this. always thought it should happen but i can definitely see many motorists/cyclists raging thinking its illegal...

    might wait a while and see before using it in my daily commute.
  6. I think that's the point of a group ride on a particular day.. To raise awareness of it being used
  7. whoops forgot to go
    I think I will go down there on Friday and keep riding down the bus lane wearing my most obnoxious fluro gear
  8. I've said it before and I say it again:
    Get on this Melbourne folk, and use the trial lane as often as you can - bus lanes are awesome...
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  9. Seriously the funniest thing I've seen. Thankyou
  10. bus lane is not a safe zone
    a medium strip trial would have been a better option
    bus lanes are for cyclists, scooters, those silly electic things, scateboards, all manner of roadkill waiting to happen.
    motorbikes are for owning the road
  11. Anybody else see the coverage this just got on the 7PM project?
  12. OK ... so I slept in.
  13. Mmmwwwwaaaahhhh got fliped the bird by a taxi driver, told me it wasnt my lane. So I told him to go......himself cause I own the bus lane now. Was quiet funny to see the look on his face
  14. Darn I didn't see this early enough, I don't typically use Hoddle street to get to work (I head along Alexandra Ave), but would have been happy to go a different route for one day, I do use Hoddle to go home on, but with no bus lane when heading North, is no real use, funnily enough, with the left hand lane being T2, its actually faster to stay in one of the right hand lanes then cut back across when near the Freeway entrance.
  15. Youse bastards who do that give everyone the shits! :LOL:
    (Well, at least the cagers that do it).

    Assume you mean Alexandra Parade?

    :LOL: @ Kat
  16. I stand corrected, seeing I use it pretty much every day, I should know its name properly by now :p
  17. The trial is for 6 months: if you can use it to go to work (now you can use the Bus Lane) it would show a benefit for VicRoads research (y)

    (word is that the trial shows a very good chance of succeeding, and we all know VicRoads design their trials around a pre-determined outcome!)
  18. ...with a bus every minute at peak hours, the main parameter to cause it to fail, speeding, is unlikely. But riders are under the microscope here. If we fail due to some other parameter (collisions, poor road behaviour, antagonising taxi drivers etc), it will put up serious hurdles for other progress being made in the area of filtering and more generally with in the motorcycle/authorities relationship.
  19. Ok, I will have a go at using it, I reckon the travel time shouldn't be much different..

    No speeding......check
    Carefull of bike riders.....check
    No filtering like a maniac....check ( except for the end bit where I need to turn right at Victoria Street)..
  20. Nice to see that David Purchase has seen the light and no longer wants to restrict road safety benefits solely to scooters.
    All is forgiven.