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Motorcycle Alliance Roadside Service

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by UserInterface, May 9, 2014.

  1. Has any one used these guys for there road side assist? it's $35 vrs NRMAs $160 It seems to good to be true.

  2. Never heard of them but it does look good. Roadside cover even extends to cars (for $49/year) again, flogging NRMA roadside assistance $$$. I reckon $35/year you can't beat for breakdown service (note NOT for accident towing).
  3. I have heard good and bad about the service nsw motorcycle alliance offer. But for $35 a year, it's not like you're going to lose your shirt.

    I do note that after 50km of towing it becomes a negotiation between you and the tow operator, but I believe NRMA basic cover isn't much different.
  4. For the price, you may as well try it.

    We are losing options in Victoria, Motorcycling Australia (MA), have disappeared off the map. They used to offer very cheap roadside assist (about $35 per year), but lately their website is down and no response from email or their Facebook page.

    So it's down to RACV and some other insurance companies.

    RACV at least with their top level of cover will cover you for any vehicle you are on / in.
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  5. @bobthekelpy@bobthekelpy the NSW Motorcycle Alliance will cover interstate riders as well.
  6. Thanks B12mick.

    I have been doing some longer runs lately, so when my MA roadside expired I upgraded the RACV one to keep me covered.

    RACV roadside also covers interstate, although come renewal time I'll be considering the Motorcycle Alliance one.
  7. I joined them . The price is right and if you do need to use them you will find out if they are OK. Last time I used the NRMA (for a car breakdown ) they would only tow me free to their depot even though my place was much closer. it cost me $100 to get the car home. Seems I could have saved my membership premium, paid for the tow and saved $5 ! NRMA service has gone downhill since the insurance arm was demutualised. I used to have all my insurances with NRMA, now I have none.Too expensive.
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    Good to know that it is a real company :)
    I was more worried about how long it might take them to arrange a tow etc. If i get a flat on the way to work I don't want to wait for 5 hours for a tow.

    Rennsport have you actually had to use them yet?
  9. Motorcycle Alliance were also very active in fighting the CTP hike. Good people!
  10. I have not used them. Have only recently joined. I thought they were worth giving a go after my (negative ) experience with NRMA.
  11. I signed up with them last year after finding out the hard way that even with the all singing all dancing RACV cover they will only pump up a flat tyre, give you a splash of fuel or tow you to the nearest repair service, not even a jump start. They won't even get you home.
  12. Hi Guys,
    Has Any of you used the services of "Motorcycle Alliance"
    I am looking at getting roadside assistance would like to know if any of you have experience with them.
    I am based in Sydney

  13. is there anything similar for Vic?
  14. NSW Motorcycle Alliance will cover Vic riders as well.

    Sorry but I haven't personally need to use their services. I do know a few who have and they seemed pretty happy.
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  15. Cheers Mick...
  16. Hang 5 Victorian riders the Victorian Motorcycle Council will be announcing National Roadside Assistance very soon with an added bonus. Details will be posted here, our website and Facebook page in the near future.

    Any questions feel free to either PM or give me a call - 0400 119 628

    Kind regards,
    Jeremy Walton
    VMC Secretary.
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  17. I have the NSW Motorcycle Alliance roadside assistance.
    Never needed to use it, but I figured it was better than nothing. Especially for the price.
  18. You guys should move to Qld :-* .... RACQ allows motorcycle breakdowns included in your policy :]
  19. So does NRMA and RACV but if you only own a motorcycle why pay over $100 when NSW Motorcycle Alliance costs $35