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Motorcycle alarm

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by zxgill, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, i have been looking at an alarm for my old bike for a while now as it has been moved before, had drunks sitting on it and had an entire birthday cake smeared on it... Which i found surprisingly funny.

    Anyways, I'm looking for an alarm to suit my 2006 zx10 as i don't want derros feeding it cake for its birthday like the last bike. but cant really find much on the net that has any sort of unbiased review. I have seen the jaycar article on here and a others but nobody seems to have any personal experience reviews stating model/make/cost or alarms.

    I am currently after something with a shock sensor/ flashing lights/ battery backup and remote start/stop as i leave for work at 5:30am and hate going outside to warm my bike up in the freezing cold.

    The bike is kept in a garage with disc lock and more padlocks then probably necessary on the doors (thanks paranoid dad :) ) but when its at my girlfriends it has nowhere to stay except outside the front door.

    Has anyone tried the motoguard alarm?

    I dont want to spend 600 clams on an alarm, but if that's what i have to pay for quality then that's what ill pay i guess.

    Thanks guys

    (Newbie to NR)
  2. Alarm for you new baby!

    Hi Mate.... I can personally vouch for the i-900 Scorpio alarm, it works an absolute treat. Has everything you wanted except the remote start.

    It is well worth the dollars which from memory is about $600, RRP is a bit more than that.

    There are plenty of blogs and forums that are unbiased on american websites, that is where i found some users experience being shared abou the scorpio before i bought it.

    Good luck!!
  3. Thanks mate, i did see them online the other day and they seemed the best. I dont understand how an alarm that has a list of functions as long as my arm can only be $90...hmmm

    Ill check that alarm out again. I only made this thread yesterday and already today i had my bike parked outside a shopping center and came out to find a girl and her friend sitting on it. Mind you, she was suprisingly hot for a mum so i didnt crack it haha
  4. Hey one more question about remote starts. I don't understand the key situation. How the hell does it start without the key in there?
  5. Someone I spoke to at Southbank on Friday does what you're after (alarms, remote start and also lighting on the bike). Robert is his name and the email address on his business card is mail@cavads.com and the URL is http://bikes.cavads.com. Maybe he can help.
  6. Where is the best place to mount the alarm? I have a 2006 ZX-10 and I'm not too sure where it will fit. Is there room under the seat? I have no idea on the dimensions of the alarm so I cant really check. Im sure the bike can fit it somewhere that it will work properly and wont get in the way of any other functions (or power commander) as they sell a quick connect kit specifically for the ZX-10 2006 model.

    Where have other people mounted this alarm? What about you striplerspec, what type of bike do you ride and how did you fit the the alarm?
  7. motorcycle moods

    Have you tried the motorcycle moods website?

    I think they do alarms and accessories etc.
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    mongoose are *the* word in car alarms, they make a mbike one. Look up "vtr 250 exhaust" on youtube and you find one that shows the remote start feature etc.

  9. If your after a decent alarm I would suggest the Meta Legos 3 or equivalent... I have had one for over 2 years and it's been fantastic...extremely small module, tiny waterproof remotes, end extremely loud when it goes off.

    To be honest in my experience most other bike alarms with the exception of some by DEI or Scorpio are absolute jokes...while Mongoose make great reliable car alarms their bike alarm is pretty average. When I compared the Mongoose to the Meta there was no comparison...besides remote start is for wankers who probably have chromed extended swingarms, 290mm rear tyres and neons on their bikes. :LOL:
  10. That does look like a good alarm, with small components, but the mongoose does have more features/customisability, and remote start can be a big plus for many people (ie, live in the hills, commute from 6, want to let the bike run a while etc).
  11. What do you lot think of the jaycar alarm?
    It even does remote start :)
  12. bike alarm

    i saw some did a group buy of ignitor bike alarms a while back.

    just wondering how they went as i am looking at buying an alarm for my bike and ignitor seemed to be reasonably priced.

    still searching forums to find feedback.

    so any thoughts or comments would be on this would be great.
  13. If there was an alarm that pyrotechnicaly fired 10 foot nails into the ground to secure your bike from thieves, I would say buy that one, otherwise a simple alarm like the Ignitor is a cheap way to go if your budget doesn't stretch far enough for a system with all the bells and whistles as mentioned by Keith.

  14. If there was an alarm that pyrotechnicaly fired 10 foot nails into the thieves to secure your bike, I would say buy that one...

  15. thanks guys just needed that little bit more persuasion :?

    think i'l get the ignitor asap.

    unless i can find the one with the nails :wink: