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Motorcycle alarm GPS tracking

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by korbail, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. Anyone out there using any type of gps tracker for their bike apart from the Scorpio GPS tracker?

    Had a look at Quicktrak but their financials are a bit shaky and also found EziTrak.

    Any feedback around as the threads are a few years old.

  2. If you're on a budget I recently tested three of the cheapest gps trackers on ebay.

    1. ebay/itm/1x-Mini-GPS-GSM-GPRS-Tracking-Vehicle-Motorcycle-Tracker-logistic-elder-voice-/181328813387?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item2a380a1d4b

    This is the cheapest type (around $10). Do not buy. Doesn't have an actual GPS antenna. Instead uses GPRS (phone signal) to locate. Useless.

    2. ebay/itm/New-Car-Vehicle-GSM-GPRS-GPS-Tracker-TK102B-Global-Smallest-Tracking-Device-ELE-/271557062020?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3f3a0fed84

    This type has an actual GPS antenna, and works off a rechargeable battery. About $25. You put in a SIM card, call/text the number with a particular message, and replies with google maps location URL. So it kind of works, but GPS signal acquisition is slow as heck which made it useless for me as well.

    3. ebay/itm/Quad-band-GSM-GPRS-GPS-Tracker-Vehicle-Car-Real-time-Tracking-system-TK110-HP-/141341393217?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item20e89a8141

    This is what I'm using. About $20. Works in the same way as above, but antenna is much quicker and more accurate- GPS acquisition occurs in minutes after stopping.

    I haven't tested it while moving though, since I can't text and ride at the same time.

    Takes 12V power and connects to the battery with an inline fuse.

    Not sure what the drain on the battery is- I've left it on overnight with no problems. No.2 tracker with rechargeable battery drained the bike battery after leaving for 2 days.

    This device reportedly has advanced functions like motion sensor, auto power off, auto alerts etc. but I've only used the basic SMS reply function so can't confirm.

    I'm using a prepaid SIM from with a long expiry plan (free texts between my phone) which makes the tracking dirt cheap.
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  3. I don't have this fitted on my bikes, but I do have it fitted on my small fleet of cars in my business.


    It's real time tracking, you can log on to a web portal and see your vehicles on a map, there are a bunch of reports you can generate as well as view historic maps.

    The unit itself is a about half the size of a pack of smokes.

    It can be fitted with a kill switch that can be activated remotely. The antenna (contained inside the device) is sensitive enough to get an accurate signal through plastic and even some amount of metal.

    In my cars I have fitted the device hidden deep underneath the dash making it almost impossible to remove or disable with out dismantling half the cars interior, and completely undetectable.

    I also have a portable device that can be moved between vehicles ie when I use a rental car. The portable device plugs into a vehicles OBD port.

    The standard device could be easily mounted on a bike under the seat or better hidden underneath fairings. I'm not sure about how weather proof it is but it could be sealed in a rubber boot for protection from dust and moisture.

    The cost is good when compared to other real time tracking offerings IIRC about $120 a year or $10 a month. I have found though that when I declare the tracking device on my insurance it knocks between $60-$100 dollars off the policy premium.

    Again if IIRC correctly unit cost is about $350 including the first years tracking subscription.

    The device works on the telstra network and I have never had any issues with network coverage in both metro and regional areas.

    Edit: I thought I might add I have been using the Fleetdynamics service for around 4-5 years now. The web portal can also be accessed with a smartphone or tablet and there is a mobile version of the site which gives just a view of the vehicles on a map with some basic information.
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  4. #4 rdkls, Oct 20, 2014
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2014
    Just a writeup on GPS tracking options for bikes that I've found recently.
    Had my Trumpy stolen, apparently they're frequently targeted due to no security, which was my motivation to research.
    So had a look at cheap & easy ways to fit GPS tracker.
    I'll probably be fitting one to an s1000rr when I get it soon, soon :]

    First I found this type at Jaycar http://www.jaycar.com.au/productView.asp?ID=LA9011
    You'd have to wire in the loom, but looks good. Would also be easier to conceal.

    Then I found this easier dongle, just plugs in to the OBDII port
    Aliexpress page with many screenshots of app
    Amazon page with decent reviews
    Ebay for $60
    If you need more cable length (e.g. to fit under seat or in tail) can get OBDII extension for under $10 too.
    Would work for any bikes with OBDII port. For BMWs, can also get OBD20-OBDII adapter for under $10

    Connecting to OBDII, engine diagnostic info is also available - and potential downside, could potentially be changed (unsure if dongle is capable of it, so would just say "possibly")
    If one were concerned about that, could cut all wires except power (probably better if done on an extension cable), I did read one guy who did that successfully.

    In general steps are
    1. Buy & activate SIM, put in device
    2. Connect tracker to bike
    3. Configure with SMS (manuals have codes to send to config various aspects)
    4. Device can be accessed via SMS, and also sends data over net to servers
      (by default manufacturer seems to run a couple of servers, but also looks like you can tell device so use 3rd party ones with SMS command)
    5. Manage through web or mobile app
    Apart from anti-theft, would just be fun to log your rides too.

    Anyways they're some thoughts.
    Triumph owners in particular might be interested, since they seem to be getting targeted lately by thieves due to the good bike / no security combination. Wider use of such could be good deterrent to would-be assholes.
    How awesome would it be to be able to provide exact location of stolen bike to police and get the thief arrested.

    also - in before "easy to remove" post (of course)

    HI MOD - I wanted a separate thread to draw attention to Triumph relevance since these are being targeted by thieves ...
  5. I have ordered and cannot config all three Tracking-system-TK110 devices on the telstra network with prepaid sim, any chance you can help with codes? I have sent them to a Pro in sydney and he belevices that they do not have gprs capability.
  6. Sorry for the late reply, from what I remember, I just popped the SIM card in (Virgin mobile prepaid), connected the power and followed the instructions.

    I text the command (URL,xxxxxx#) to the mobile number and it replies with GPS coords.
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  7. Very helpful thread! I'm looking at the same ebay option and am wondering what software you use to show the GPS coordinates on a map?

    Also, do you know if it will work when the 2G network is switched off this year?

  8. I've done some checking and these TK units seem to be 2G only so will stop working this year. The cheapest 3G unit I can find is on ebay for $289 so not quite as attractive.... and I am worried about battery drain given your experiences....
  9. Another thing to consider is how long the device manufacturer maintains their online service.... Seems a bit slap dash with some of the low cost eBay units...
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  10. What about the black knight GPS System, anyone tried that one