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Motorcycle air compressors

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by TRA, May 15, 2012.

  1. I am looking to buy one of those lightweight miniature air compressors for dealing with punctures when touring. There seems to be a few around. Any recommendations or reports on what to buy / not to buy? Also any tips on where to buy one from?

  2. Am keen for the same information you are seeking. Hopefully someone can advise.
  3. Also looking for details on puncture repair kits!
  4. mine isn't bike specific, just a small unit from supercheap. $15 if memory serves
    it's an absolute asshole for car tyres but seems to work well on the bike (less volume for same pressure)
    as for patch kits i got mine online somewhere, ebay i think
  5. Easiest way is to get the puncture repair kit, with the mini gas bottles, quick and easy, and takes up less space than a mini compressor.
  6. Don't buy slime/foam; if it doesn't work the first time the tyre is a throwaway!

    Get a cord or plug type repair kit... the cord ones are cheapest and easy to use, and have been around nearly as long as tubeless tyres... the plug type are newer, a bit more fiddly, harder to find in stores, but do a great job. (plug looks like a little mushroom, the nob gets forced into the tyre)

    Buy a small and cheap 12V compressor from SuperCheap or Autobarn etc, for about $10-15... strip off the plastic case and insulate any bare wires or connectors with tape... wrap the lot in a clean pair of jocks and stash the lot in your pannier/topbox.

    get yourself a right angle valve adapter; it'll save your patience and allow you to use anyones compressor fitting anywhere... depends on your wheels, but a lot of bikes are a right royal pain in the arse to inflate at truck-stops and servos.

    get a good pressure gauge to carry; most gauges at servo's are out... even as much as +/-20psi!!

    AND... enjoy your trip. :)
  7. www.motorcyclesuperstore.com.au/on-...65-cargol-rope-emergency-tyre-repair-kit.html

    Havent had to use it myself but bought it on high recommendations of those who have.
    All the same, am interested in a mini compressor too...

    Two i found straight away. First looks smaller from US.

    Second can get from aussie dealer but looks a bit larger (though 1/3 the price!).
  8. Easiest but not best. After all it takes 4 cylinders to reinflate an average tyre. Most kit come with 4 cylinders. Say you've put two in and realise you didn't fully repair the hole and there's still a leak.. then you're buggered. A compressor overcomes this.

    A fellow I know got a KTM branded one, via ebay, for not too much $ and swears by it.
  9. I have one of these kits on each bike


    I also have one of the TOMKAT air compressors for longer trips (someone posted a link above to this..

    The repair kits are available and most bike shops , peter stevens etc ..

    The contents of the puncture repair kits
    The two scredriver thingies... one to "ream" out the puncture, and apply the Rubber cement inside the hole and the other to thread in the rope or licorice strip.

    Valve adapter
    co2 cylinders.

    Additional things required :
    Pocket knife/multitool to remove anything stuck in tyre and trim rubber plugs.

    I have used these kits half a dozen times on both my bike and on other peoples bikes.. with great results every time.

    Tried the cargol kits , without luck.

    Although vlad is right , if you **** up the cylinders you are screwed, but chances are if you have the space you can carry them EVERYWHERE, which you wouldnt do (I dont) with the compressor.

    So I would say ... At least carry the basic kit, with a few cylcinders.. but carry a compressor if you can.
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