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Motorcycle Air Bags in action

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Chef, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. ...a good idea?

  2. ...a bad idea?

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  3. or need more work?

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  1. Looks ok, you would expect it would have to be a fair crash to trigger it.

    In the case of the dummie if it were a real person looks like it would have saved him from becoming embedded in the car.
  2. i think the technology still need more developing. hmmmm theres something wrong with it - i cant just put my finger on it. Maybe its the fact it only protects frontal impacts or something... I'll sit on the fence :roll:
  3. i know what you mean... could it be the height of the expanded airbag vs the height of the rider... i think the riders head could still impact. helmet's or not i don't think it's doing the neck any favours.
  4. yeah theres that, but it just doesnt "feel" right lol :roll:

    I think the air bag needs to wrap around the rider a bit more - instead of just an "air wall", because if the crash is slightly to the side then its not going to be good. From what i read, a lot of the crashes have been "attempted" to be avoided (well lets face it - you dont want to crash :wink: ) so maybe it needs to have a bit more of a protective angle, and possible side curtains so the bike provides a bit more protection to the rider, when sliding. hard to explain it in words.. sorry if i confused everyone
    :roll: :wink: :)
  5. A good idea but would you need something as big as a goldwing to install it?

    What about if you didn't hit the object straight on and the air bag bounced you off to the side?
  6. Suits of bubblewrap! That's the answer! :cool:
  7. I would assume the sensor would be designed so that it only goes off on a direct frontal impact. Our car airbags wont deploy if the impact is greater than 30 degrees from a straight on impact to the car. lol i cant explain anything in words!
  8. I just think people shouldnt crash
  9. hes gonna be sore when he lands...i hope thats a soft seat is all i can say...
  10. Prolly works for an upright sitting bike like that one... not sure how it'd go on a sports bike...?

    Honda has been working on this for years... there's still enough down side though that it hasn't rolled the concept out on mass yet...

    Any improvements in safety are ok with me.

    :LOL: @ proteus
  11. Screw all that. He was riding a 'Wing, he would've split that car in half with his awsomeness.

    What is really important is the video below it called 'Carmen Girl 15' or something...now THOSE are the kind of air bags I want sitting on my tank.