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VIC Motorcycle Advisory Group replaced

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by OldPaj, Aug 23, 2016.

  1. It is reported in todays Herald Sun that the Motorcycle Advisory Group has been replaced by "the government appointed Motorcycle Expert Advisory Panel" which was to meet for the first time today. Purported to be made up of 7 riders who are to address the large number of motorcyclist fatalities thus fur this year and to address the unspent funds ($22.8M) from the motorcycle safety levy.

    Can I ask the questions:
    1. What will this group be able to achieve that could not be achieved by the previous group?
    2. Will they actually define what funding is to be spent on?
    3. Will this expenditure from the motorcycle safety levy be "visible" (readily identified as motorcycle safety funding resourced), "explained" (a detailed business case for why this expenditure is required on this matter and what WLL be achieved rather than what is HOPED to be achieved and "up to date" (so that at any time any interested party can obtain detailed un-redacted information in a timely manner)?
    4. Will ALL expenditure be followed up as to the success of the venture/program and this be widely and publicly reported - warts and all, rather than not followed up at all, hidden because of failure or conveniently forgotten about for the same reason?

    So the 'Panel" is made up of 7 riders but then needs to meet with TAC, VicPol representatives and the minister, to me, no doubt to be told by the minister, TAC and VicPol, where the motorcycle safety levy funding will be spent.
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  2. who are the seven riders ?
  3. Robsalv for one I believe.
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  4. Perhaps these guys:

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  5. Think you have misunderstood the concept of a Ministerial advisory group. Such a group exists to provide advice to the Minister. They don't normally have any powers and may not even present unanimously supported advice since they represent not disparate interests which often conflict.

    I haven't yet seen all the details to know precisely how this panel will work but hopefully it will have direct access to the Minister. The group which it replaced didn't and reported to VicRoads which passed the advice on. There. We're times when it appeared that the advice provided by VicRoads had been "filtered" to reflect VicRoads' interests.
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  6. There's a short article in yesterday's print edition Herald-Sun about it. I'll see if I can find it online.
  7. I would be cautiously optimistic about this. As GreyBM has pointed out, Vicroads was the gatekeeper for advice to the minister over the last few years.
    I don't suggest Vicroads was out and out hostile to our interests but neither did they have all that much motivation to improve our lot.
    Any opportunity for effectively qualified riders to advise the minister directly ought to be an advance.
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  8. This si my question on the stop smidsy facebook post

    "So without being cynical (based on previous efforts) will this panel go over the outcomes of the parliamentary inquiry into motorcycling and try to get some of those recommendations in place or will it just be stomping over the same tired old ground?

    I really do hope this this panel can bring benefits to our community"
  9. Found the announcement on the Premier of Victoria page.

    Expert Panel To Improve Motorcycle Safety For Victoria

    Motorcycle safety will be at the top of the agenda when the inaugural meeting of Victoria’s Motorcycle Expert Advisory Panel (MEAP) takes place today.

    MEAP is a panel made up of seven rider representatives from across Victoria who will meet regularly with the road safety partners in a forum dedicated to improving the safety of riders.

    The panel will meet four times a year with the Minister for Roads and Road Safety, the TAC and Victoria Police to consider the issues that motorcyclists face on the state’s roads.

    The panel will use their experience and knowledge to advise on motorcycling trends in Victoria and provide insight and information that will contribute to the development of initiatives to improve the safety of motorcyclists.

    Key items on the agenda will include road safety and progress on the Motorcycle Safety Levy.

    The Motorcycle Safety Levy was introduced in October 2002 to provide specific funding to reduce motorcycle related road trauma.

    The Levy aims to reduce road trauma amongst motorcyclists by funding projects that specifically benefit riders including infrastructure improvements, research projects and educational activities.

    These projects are long term and ongoing and are important initiatives to improve motorcycle safety.

    The following positions form the Motorcycle Expert Advisory Panel:

    • Independent Chair
    • Secretariat and departmental support
    • Senior officer from Victoria Police
    • Once member from Transport Accident Commission
    • Seven regular members representing the motorcycle community
    The seven regular members of MEAP have been appointed by the Minister for Roads and Road Safety based on their ability to represent a range of interests and to contribute to the work of the panel.

    Quotes attributable to Minister for Roads and Road Safety Luke Donnellan

    “We know motorcyclists are over-represented in serious and fatal crashes and it is important we do all we can to address this.”

    “Advisory groups like MEAP will provide expert advice and insights to help us improve motorcycle safety and address the issues that face riders in Victoria.”

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  10. Motorcyclists rarely get to meet with Ministers, so the establishment of the new Victorian Motorcycle Expert Advisory Panel (MEAP) is a positive move that we hope other states will follow.

    MEAP has been set up to directly advise the Minister for Roads and Road Safety Luke Donnellan on motorcycling issues.

    It consists of seven motorcycle representatives selected by the Minister who will meet with him four times a year, along with the Transport Accident Commission and Victoria Police.

    Australian Motorcycle Council chairman Peter Baulch has provided us with a full list of the representatives, including himself: Rob Salvatore. (VMC), John Eacott (BMW clubs Vic & Aust), Rhys Griffiths (rider and FCAI), and independents Wendy Taylor, Heather Ellis and Dean Marks.

    Why is motorcycle panel so secretive? - Motorbike Writer
  11. Again, to me it is simply a government trying to be seen to be doing something.
    In the mean time motorcyclist still get ripped off on a safety impost not borne by any other road user group.
    Motorcyclists still have no visibility of what money from the levy has been spent on what, why it was spent on this and what outcome and review has been achieved.
    Will we get any visibility? - NO!
    Will, in practice, motorcycle user groups views have any real consideration on spending of the safety levy Funds - No!
    It will still be government departments that make the decision probably with no consideration to the thought and ideas of the "panel motorcycle members" and for a variety of "reasons" with no visibility.
    And in the meantime riders still die on our roads, but the government is seen to be doing something.
  12. Ministerial advisory groups are common across a range of ministerial portfolios and not limited to motoring issues. It is common for the Government to seek views of representatives of the interest groups. It is definitely not just trying to be seen to be doing something.

    There are no guarantees the government will accept those views but it is streets ahead of not having the views even considered.
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  13. I believe this to be a positive step in forging a working relationship which has previously been hindered by VicRoads.
    It's easy to be cynical about the change, what is the other option? Nothing at all? It's easy to chuck rocks when you haven't put your hand up to volunteer.
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  14. Maybe Netrider can setup an Ask me Anything session with him, I'm sure he'd get plenty of insights in an hour. Or at least things to follow up on.
  15. Well I'll be the cynic. While I hope I'm wrong the thing that springs to my mind with this current govt performance is I hope this isn't another CFA Board sacking scenario where the govt stacks the deck to "independently" deliver the outcomes the govt wants. There is a lot of our money at stake in the MSL kitty.
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  16. Food for thought indeed.
  17. An entirely understandable reaction, given the way government often appears to operate.
    But people who can generally be trusted are reporting that it looks more genuine than a stacking exercise, so I will go with that until convinced otherwise.
    We're going to need some wise heads at the table after this last week.
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  18. So Dognutts and Karadouche won't be involved with it then.....
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  19. I would have said that I am not a cynic, just simply that I am now retired having worked for government departments, both state and federal for most of my working life. They all work the same way:

    Get a review group you have nominated to consult with, minimise the number of true 'experts', maximize the number of nodding dogs.
    Claim you have consulted widely through this group.
    Release a 'final' draft for consideration and consultation, ideally at an extremely busy media period (eg. Grand Final Day or just before Xmas) with a minimal response time
    Activate previously developed policy, which may have elements of, but probably will not be in accordance with policy detailed in 'final' draft.
    This implemented policy most likely is the original knee jerk policy developed by some uninformed staffer as a result of the requirement to be seen to be doing something
    Close down any debate on that matter both inside and outside parliament, because they have "consulted widely"
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  20. And there is wonderment as to why politicians, senior public servants, hell, even the whole fcuking political process in this country, are looked at with extreme derision and contempt by most ordinary people.
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