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Motorcycle Adventure Products

Discussion in 'Links Directory' at netrider.net.au started by xenforo, Jan 2, 2006.

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  1. Motorcycle Adventure Products has sourced the highest quality components and touring products. So that you, the adventure rider, can not only have fun in getting to these great places by motorcycle, but get home safely as well. After all, isn't the ride just as important a part of the experience as the destination ?

    Motorcycle Adventure Product's aim is to provide riders with the best motorcycle touring and adventure riding products from Australia and around the world. Many of the products for sale have been proven in rally competition or through extensive testing and use in just plain inhospitable places. We have selected the products based on the following criteria :-

    * All the products we offer are the highest quality.
    * Provide enhanced reliability/performance over manufacturers components.
    * Some are fairly high on the techno boys-toys scale.
    * Just make good sense to fit to you bike.

    Motorcycle Adventure Products is owned by Australian riders who have travelled the outback and experienced first hand what it can do to rider and machine. Many years of riding in this wide brown land of ours has shown that Australian riders can be inventive and resourceful when it comes to equipping their motorcycle for outback travel - sometimes successfully, some times not quite so !!. We've seen everything from toilet cistern panniers from W.A. to steam pipe crash bars and carry racks.

    We have sat beside the track waiting for the mate with the welder/gearbox/devcon to turn up, contemplating how we will make it better the next rebuild ! We provide these products as we see a need for Australian riders to have the best, to travel one of the best countries in the world.