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Motorcycle Acronyms

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rc36, Aug 31, 2005.

  1. Like the computer industry (DOS, ASCII, PCMCIA etc), motorcycles are increasingly sprouting all sorts of crazy acronyms, (EXUP, SPRAD etc)

    How many do we know, and more importantly, what the hell do they MEAN?

  2. Mine has "1150cc" on the side. I believe this refers to the amount of beer one is permitted to drink before any ride......
  3. SS: supersport. :D :D
  4. ZZR

    Zingingly Zuperior Ride
  5. R1 = Raunchy 1

    i think
  6. So, let me guess, you guys aren't going to take this seriously at all, are you?
  7. S#&t! are you telling me that's NOT what it means?
  8. How about USD forks: upside down forks? :D
  9. In the late '80s My NS400R had ATAC (Automatic Torque Amplification Chambers) on the exhaust and TRAC (Torque Reaction Anti-dive Control) on the front forks...

    The black duke doesn't seem to have any.
  10. What about 'DESMO' = 'Decidedly Eccentric Singular Mechanical Oddity'
  11. YZF - Yamaha Zoom Factor
  12. CBR = "Can Buck Ride"
  13. GSX=Grand-Standing-eXcess??
  14. Mine is supposed to have a 'Telelever'. I'm buggered if I can find it, I found a brake lever and a clutch lever, but no damn Telelever.....

    Note for those on inferior machines: Its a BMW thing.
  15. VTR - Venture Towards Rebellion
  16. Checked your telly???
  17. I would have said "Virgin Touring Rebel"
  18. Old man, do you know that you started the day discussing your 84 posts and now you are at 130? Great day, mate!!!
  19. I begin my therapy tomorrow........
  20. And who started all this nonsense? Ignoring model designations (like SS), the earliest acronym I can remember that was intended to market a particular technology was the YPVS - a fine example of mystical marketing.