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Motorcycle Accident , Kinglake , Sunday 20th

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Komanche Sly, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. Not really sure if this is the right section.... apologies if not.

    I just want to get something off my chest.
    Sunday just gone , not far out of Kinglake on the way back to Melb my mate and riding partner had an "incident".
    I say an incident as I was 30 or so metres behind him so didnt see it happen. I got round the corner and his bike was beneath a Landrover Defender , he was behind it and not moving.

    Im not sure what happened (as I didnt see it) and neither is he but he is currently in the Royal Melbourne and will be for the next few weeks easily.
    He has a smashed shoulder , smashed elbow , broken collar bone , punctured lung and 4 fractures to his pelvis.
    Unsure if he actually hit the LR but the bend he was traversing is very slow and I estimate his speed at below 40k's. The bike lowsided as you could see the marks on the tarmac and its hard for me to accept that those injuries are purely from hitting the blacktop. Who knows?

    I suppose the purpose of this thread is to say a HUGE thank you for all the bikers that stopped to offer assistance.
    Big thanks go especially to the guy on the red Harley who directed and warned oncoming traffic and to the 5 people that stopped and assisted the Paramedics (one was a nurse and one a Para fortunately enough!). The motorcycling community really did pull together that day while I was aimlessly wandering around like a spastic and smoking cigarettes like a beagle in a laboratory.
    The 5 mentioned above (on 3 bikes) sandwiched me on the way home ensuring I got back to Melbourne safely even though I was riding like a noob on training wheels after the incident.
    If you are one of these guys or know them please pass on my thanks.

    Ive been to hospital every day to see my mate , he is on the mend without doubt , but it will take a while.

    Tonight obviously my thoughts are with him and his family but also with the nurses who have looked after him impeccably since he was admitted. These people are the absolute backbone of the health service and are working right now looking after him and people just like him and will do right throughout the night and all day tomorrow. I have nothing but sincere admiration for them all.

    Thanks for reading , have a happy and hopefully safe Christmas one and all.
  2. hope your mate makes a full recovery.
    was he wearing full leathers etc?
  3. Broken shit heals. Wish him a Merry Christmas and remind him to be strong, It's just a setback.
  4. been a lot of motorcycle accidents this year, never good to hear of 1 but way not cool to witness 1, its a shame these things happen, may he get well soon
  5. Sorry to hear of your mate, hope he heals well and quick
  6. i was all over the place that weekend, and i can say if they dont do something about the cyclists out here (kinglake to hurstbridge rd minly) there is going to be heaps more crashes, nothing to do with speed that road used to be 100km/h never had a drama, now it's 60km/h full of ****ing useless ****s on pushbikes riding 10km/h

    i was heading to kinglake there was an unorgainsed ride the ****ing peleton was 200 strong, there were lycra clad fags all over both sides of the road riding @ 10km/h everywhere

    this is not bull!

    since the cyclists have been out everyone i know has nearly been cleaned up by a car passing on a blind corner etc...

    something has to be done.... i got stopped 3 times that weekend cos im a motorcyclist, but i bet none of them lawbreakers were pulled up...

    btw i used to cycle 300km a week on average for 10years untill i got lazy

    op, i hope your mate gets better.... i was nearly cleaned up by some old fag doing 10km/h under the limit in a merc 4x4 who thought he was @ bathurst driving on the wrong side of the road, what was he riding?
  7. Sorry to hear about your mate. I hope he makes a full and quick recovery. You sound like you are a bit shaken as well (and no wonder!).
  8. Hope your mate heals up quick like.
    What andrewd says makes a bit of sense,there is a lot more traffic on that road since before the fires and maybe cars going wide around the pushbikes is causing a few dangerous situations.But like all other homosexuals pushbike riders are now a protected species and like flies and mosquito's a problem that won't go away
  9. Youch o_O Hope he makes a speedy recovery