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Motorcycle Accessories Supermarket (MCAS) opens in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Lazy Libran, May 6, 2016.

  1. #1 Lazy Libran, May 6, 2016
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    MCA from Sydney has opened up in Melbourne. Well, Dandenong technically but good to have more players in the market.


    No other information available on the parent website but apart from that, their stock looks good.


    I promise I'm not buying anything if I go have a look. I don't need anything at all..

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  2. #2 Jeffco, May 6, 2016
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    will definitely go to look only :whistle:
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  3. I went in and had a look, it's a very well presented shop will plenty of stock.
    I know where I'll be shopping now!
    PS will have to up there game considerably!
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  4. It's the go to place in Sydney - they have plenty of stock on most items.

    Enjoy the 'looking around' bit! HAHA good luck
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  5. its open on Sundays too (y)
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  6. Nest place for everything you need at great prices. Only place i go to in Sydney and as a Learner they are very great to get some advice on what things i need. Without pressuring me into buying.
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  7. Next time I'm in Melbourne.... Bring the card.
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  8. make sure you whack your panniers on ;) or just buy some while your there :)
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  9. Huge shop with an equally as large range.
    Certainly worth a trip down to Dandenong
  10. Welcome MCAS - hopefully make it out there this arvo for a look. Open on Sunday rocks too !
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  11. There are 3 of these MCAS stores in Sydney, and they all offer a 10 % discount to Defence members, and to repeat customers (if you buy enough gear... not hard to do...)
    Good luck with just having a look, I almost always end up buying something... and yes, best part is they are open on Sundays.
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  12. Wow..what an awesome place.

    Had only Half an hour to browse so did just that and then left.

    Awesome collection and very helpful staff...

    This is like Bunnings for motorcycles.

    Can't wait to go back..

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  13. I too went there this morning and was told that what is currently in store is only a 3rd of stock as it has not all arrived yet..

    They will also be doing tyre fittings on weekends in the very near future
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  14. Bugger, I just spent up at Peter Stevens......
  15. Don't go too hard to fast you Mexicans because if they set up there like they have in NSW they will soon have, if not already, heaps of old stock at well marked down prices ;)
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  16. They must have changed their hiring strategy down Mexico way as that has never been my experience in any of the SYD stores!!!
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  17. Us Mexicans work harder just ask Donald.
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  18. #18 Lazy Libran, May 7, 2016
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    I did eye some Dainese leathers which I need for future track days etc and I must admit, I've never seen so many jackets in one place.

    Same with Alpinestars gear and boots and literally every thing there...

    I was like a kid in a toy store..

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  19. Dude..if you go to this place, you'll never ever go back to PS for gear.
  20. :eek: did you get approval to use the "Dude" word !
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