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Motorcycle 3rd Party, Fire and Theft Insurance.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by warden, May 30, 2005.

  1. Greetings all.
    Western QBE offer a 3rd party, Fire and Theft policy which would have been perfect for me. However, they will not insure my bike because its parked on the street.
    Does anybody know of any other insurers that will do the Fire/Theft bit?


  2. I can tell you that AAMI do NOT.

    It's either 3rd party OR fully comp.
  3. I was looking for the same thing once, and couldn't find anyone who would insure the bike for theft only if it's parked on the street on a regular basis.
  4. i thought the same thing. When you go to there website it not shown but i just got a letter to re-new my insurance (3rd party, property) which told me how much it will be. However it also had the option of fire and theft upgrade for about an extra $100
  5. hmmmmm. I'm with AAMI and I called them a week or 2 ago to ask them. Their reply was either, 3rd party property OR fully comp. They said they don't offer 3rd party FIRE and THEFT for bikes.
  6. I recently took aami 3rd party as well - when I queried them about theft they also told me that they don't have fire and theft.

    Perhaps they won't offer that if you are a new customer?
  7. Not fire and theft but interesting none the less.

    I got 3rd party property and damge the other day with NRMA (IAG) and they told me that if someone runs into me and has no insurance they will cover $3000 towards the repares.

    I figure, with my bike, that doing the repairs myself, I would be hard pressed to need much more to fix it then that.
  8. RACV wouldn't do fire & theft unless I took comprehensive insurance. My advice is don't tell em it's parked on the street. If it gets stolen, you can make up an excuse for leaving it there. BETTER YET, don't park it on the street if you can avoid it or at least chain it to something big.
  9. Ahh, nope. If you check the fine print of your insurance, a lot of them don't cover you if it's stolen in the street while out of your sight.

    I.e. if you go to the shopping centre and it gets nicked, you ain't covered. If it gets nicked from outside the cafe you are sitting in, it's covered.

    Seriously, I was surprised as well. Came about when a mate got his bike nicked and found out he wasn't covered for the situation.
  10. ARE YOU SERIOUS??? If youa re shopping it is not covered, but drinking coffee it is????

    Damn, we really are becoming the trendy population.... You have to drink coffee to get insured.... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Depends on the policy. Some of them try to be sneaky bastards.
  12. worthless theft insurance

    come on Kaer, be a pal,
    and tell us who this astounding insurance company is!
    (do not keep it to yourself)

    has anyone else read this fine print on their insurance policy?
    if so let us know!
    (that would be a policy worth neglecting)
  13. Hardly makes insurance worth it. I need to know my bike is insured when I leave it alone not just while l'm looking at it.
  14. can't remember which one it was, but western qbe does not cover you if you keep it unlocked in a public place.

    Page 24 of the PDS, section 5.1.3

    http://www.qbe.com/australia/western/pdf/Motorbike policy.pdf

    exact words

    "There is no insurance under Section 1 or clause 3.1 for theft or damage when you or an insured person leave your bike unattended and unlocked in a public place;"

    The mate in question was a bloke I was chatting to in a pub, so can't remember exact details. But as I said I wouldn't put it past any insurance companies to try it on if they think they can get away with it.

    Shrug, it's why I pay the extra for NRMA(kinda the same as RACV). There's zero headache in making a claim with these guys, which is why the premiums are higher.
  15. Hi Guys,
    Just reading through this post (as I'm looking for a new insurance policy myself) and this thing about keeping a bike 'unlocked' in a public place - does this mean a disc/bar or similar lock? or would it also apply for locking the ignition? Surely taking your keys with you counts as locking the bike... i might call and ask about this one.

    By the way, I'm not a first time poster - my old posts were deleted in the hard disk crash of 2004!
  16. In this case, applying the steering lock would constitute locking the bike.

    It'll just be standard wording, car policies probably say something similar.
  17. I didn't no you could get 3rd party fire and theft insurance for a bike. Everyone I've asked has only offered 3rd party property or comprehensive...

    Where'd you get it and how much was it?
  18. I asked for it when I approached Swann Insurance, and it was something fairly cheap
  19. Swann do offer it - I was reading my Maxirider disclosure statement thingy last night, and the Third, Fire & Theft policy is mentioned repeatedly.