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Motorcycle 1/4 mile times..

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by thecptn, Oct 30, 2005.

  1. Whats the top one?
  2. RSS Yamaha R17 @ 9.8
  3. yeah but what kinda bikes that.. RSS Yamaha R17

    i type that into google and got dead / same links
  4. Interesting, although it'd be nice to know the source for the figures. In particular, whether all vehicles were tested under similar conditions with similar-weight riders (bikes) and the same number of passengers and similar fuel loads (cars).
  5. that website is a load of crap.

    Those times are slow, all the japanese sport bikes are capable of 10s completely stock, in the right hands.

    GSXR600 and R6 have the same time as a R1 give me a break..
    a 1994 ZZR600 is faster than a 2001 ZX6R, as if.
  6. Good bit of info' here! :wink:
    I'm amazed that the 2001 R1's E.T. is as quick as the 2001 R6! :shock:

    Go the HRD 125 Cabriolet! :LOL:
  7. Yeah, Gromit's right, too many variables.
  8. Dunno about that insano. About a year back Honda came down to the Geelong speed trials with the 600 supersport & also the superbike. I think it was Josh Brookes who was riding them & the times were virtually identical. If memory serves me correctly the supersport may have even been a fraction quicker.
  9. Variables?? drag racing is full of variables!!

    Good link cptn. cheers.
  10. Funny, scooter, I posted this list several months ago and YOU dismissed it.

    All I was saying was that unless all the times were taken at the same place and the same time with the same rider, etc etc, the figures have some latitude in them....
  11. Link please Mr. Hornet sir.
  12. I shall have to search for it because I don't remember what I called it, so bear with me.
    I can't find the thread, going back to when I joined, so I can't prove that I posted it.

    I do remember posting a link to that exact page and it drawing a lot of comment, some questioning it, from yourself, scooter. However as that can't be verified, I am happy to withdraw that allegation.
  13. Are you suggesting that your own views on the content have changed since you lasted commented on it?
  14. Its probably just showing a list of times people have posted. Not indicative of bike but rider and bike.

    My 2 cents anyway.
  15. well we should go and have ago @ calder one night.
  16. I think my R1 would be quickest :p
  17. Would you like to put some money down on that? :LOL: