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Motorbikes on film

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by dgmeister, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. What are the best movies and docos with the best bike/car chases/races ever committed to film???

    steve mcqueen's bike chase to escape the nazis in "the great escape" would have to be the kind of awesomeness benchmark i am aiming for.

    H.B. Halicki's "Gone in 60 seconds" (NOT the remake)
    After featuring the thefts of 47 of the most exotic cars in existence before 1974, the film boasts THE most absolutely epic car chase scene i have EVER witnessed on film. -93 cars were wrecked or destroyed in the 40 minute chase scene.
    Halicki's crash into a light pole at 100mph is in the film.

    "the french connection" has a pretty cool car chase, as does


    "Mad max"

    "mad max 2"

    "the terminator"

    "terminator 2"
  2. bullitt.
    steve mcqueen - doing what he did in "Bullitt"
  3. The Bourne Legacy - (2012)

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  4. On any Sunday - all of it.

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  5. Daniel Craig as the new Bond has had a few car & bike scenes which can be worth mentioning here.
  6. Blues Brothers

    Any episode of The Dukes of Hazard
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  7. Beinga Mini owner I would have to mention" THE ITALIAN JOB"
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  8. The original "Gone in 60 Seconds" boasted the most cars wrecked and longest chase scene in history.
  9. For bikes the two Bonnie Exports through Central Park in Coogan's Bluff were pretty good.

    And for cars, the chase scenes in Ronin were satisfyingly stomach knotting.
  10. Torque!

    (just kidding)
  11. I like watching Closer to the edge - Isle of Man TT doco. Bonkers what they do!

    McQueen's Le Mans is good.

    John Frankenheimer's Grand Prix is good also (same director as Ronin)
  12. Grand prix with James garner.
    Le mans with Steve Mcqueen where they actually entered a car in the race.
    Tron Legacy using a ducati gt1000
    Days of thunder. Cheesy downshifting which doesnt happen sucks but still about racing
    Talledega Nights...Shake and Bake....
  13. Really? I thought that title went to the Blues Brothers.

    Vanishing Point is one of my favourites.

    Good bike scenes are pretty rare.
    The Terminator has some sweet stuff with Arnie on a Hog.
  14. The original was made before Blues Brothers.
  15. I got a DVD copy of Smokey and the Bandit. Is there a better line in a car movie then
    " what do you do?"
    " what I do best"
    "What's that?
    "Showing off"
  16. the motogp doco trilogy by Mark Neale;

    *The doctor, the Tornado and the Kentucky Kid

    the tagline "Two wheels. 200MPH. Every man for himself." gives an indication of the coolness. The trackside doco's are shot from pit lane and feature inside info from all the big names in gp racing.

    Also the 70's australian genre movie; "Stone"
    All about bikes, beer and mullets; what more could you want?
    features some dude riding a bike off a cliff
  17. Motorbike chase in one of the Matrix films

  18. Milk float 'Speed' scene in episode of Father Ted
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  19. maybe even seems a cliche to mention, but Charlie Boorman and ewan mcgregor's bike odyssey across the world

    *long way round
    *long way down

    also charlie's "by any means" series as well

    but the title contender is definitely Charlie's "Race to Dakar"
    Chronicling his campaign in the notorious rally alongside two other riders.
    Absolute, complete and utter insanity; this is 'mad max' in the flesh




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  20. Does BMX bandits count?