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Motorbikes are dangerous, right???

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. So next time someone whines about a Netrider ride, remind them about this :LOL:

    TWO cyclists suffered heart attacks and 25 others had minor injuries in Melbourne's Around the Bay event today.

    A Metropolitan Ambulance Service (MAS) spokesman said a "wide variety of injuries" were treated by ambulance staff during the event, which attracted an estimated 14,000 cyclists.
    They rode throughout the day, on routes between 42 and 250 kilometres long, around Port Phillip Bay.

    "We got 25 cases from the bike ride and those included all sorts of cuts and abrasions. Literally people have fallen off their bikes or clipped a car or something else," MAS spokesman Ray Rowe said.

    "We've also had two cardiac arrests."

    The first occurred just before 7am (AEST) on the Princes Freeway at Little River, near Geelong.

    The male cyclist, aged in his mid-50s, was airlifted to the Alfred Hospital in a serious but stable condition after he was given CPR by a passing motorist.

    Just before 8.30am a man in his 40s suffered a heart attack as he was riding on the Princes Freeway near Avalon.

    He also received head injuries when he fell from his bicycle. He was recovering in the Geelong Hospital tonight.

    The annual Around The Bay event aims to raise $500,000 for the Smith Family charity from sponsors of cyclists who choose to ride 42km, 100km, 210km or 250km.
  2. Yes Paul, That very same thought crossed my mind about 7am yesterday.

    I was one of the first on the seen. This was the second year I volunteered as a Motorcycle Marshal/First Aider and probably the first time I had watched CPR really preformed in anger.
    The “passing motorist” was (I presume) one of the more professional team’s, doctor. He had all the gear including oxygen.

    I pulled up just as he was being examined. By the time I had parked the bike where it could be seen by oncoming traffic and removed my helmet the decision for CPR was made. I felt sorry for the poor guy’s ribs, but he wasn’t complaining, although he might be now! He is a very lucky man.

    Now trying to stop 3 lanes of traffic by yourself on the Gelong freeway so a helicopter can land on it is another story. Where are the Police when you need them :?: :?:

  3. I thought the same when I heard this on the radio news driving home from Winton last night but having looked at it in the cold light of day 25 injuries in a crowd of 14,000 spread over 250km it isn't really that bad when you can have 3 injured in a ride with 6 or 7 riders on a Netrider group ride.

    It looks bad but really isn't.

    Also I'd like to see a Netrider ride with 14,000 bikes :shock:
  4. Both these guys are doing ok so far. I am amazed. Just got a call from Bicycle Victoria with an update :shock:
  5. You folk had a really tough time on the west side of the bay - Sorento end was very quiet (I got to treat one broken collar bone from a rider who wasn't even on the ride!) I think I spent more time fixing bikes and changing tubes than 1st Aiding!

    With all those people out on pushies mixed in with a bit of rain and weekend traffic, I was amazed that there were only a couple of dozen call outs.


  6. At least that many will properly fill a lance instead of riding close enough to the gutter for people get past, but not close enough for them to do it without swerving into the other lane too much.
  7. MMMN Ride of tasmania? all of us converging on melb for a fun ride over? yes?