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motorbikers to be targeted

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Black Betty, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. from the local yarra valley mail tues 17th apr

    apart from the very obvious editorial mistakes & guessing they're talking primarily about trial riders - I am totally bewildered why they are encouraging the public to dial 000 when this is an emergency number?
    just what we need, joe blogs on the phone every time a bike going past annoys him :?

  2. I wish they'd get their arses into gear and catch the little turd that rides around the estate here at midnight on his "thumpster" with no lights, no protective gear, and on the throttle stop. :evil:

    I wouldn't think that 000 would be the number to ring. Maybe the "hoon hotline"?
  3. does that mean that under 12 year olds can ride whereever they want?
  4. Buy a 1/2million candle spotlight and a cap-gun.

    Next time he's there, go down to where he is, shout "OI!" then aim the spotlight in his face... then start firing the cap-gun.
  5. :LOL: :LOL:
    I've got the big-arse spotlight already. :-k I wonder if the 700watts of driving lights on the Landcruiser would work as well? :twisted:
  6. When we were out on our ride on Sunday, we stopped in Noojee for a quick stop (note: The Red Parrot does not constitute a quick stop) there were two cops there checking the dirt bikes. I had a chat with them and they told me that they were not interested in road bikes at all. So we road by, popping mono's, stoppies and generally pillaging the village*. They smiled and waved us on whilst checking the rec rego's on all the dirt bikes.

    * This is obviously a complete fabrication. It was only stoppies.
  7. How do they know that? How can the see a rego plate hooning past, or a license that may or may not be in someones pocket. Clearly residents with access to the hubble space telescope.
  8. We know the truth CJ, you were raping the livestock and pillaging the women.
  9. Damn. Caught out again!
  10. Because a 14 yr old on a CR80 could well have licence & rego? :?
  11. Indeed they could... and they may well be fake! :grin:
  12. Red parrot is now forever known as the dead parrot - in homage to the Monty python sketch as about the same level of service was shown.
  13. A 14 yr old with a helmet on looks like the same as an adult who is 'small' (like me?) also with a helmet on. Hell, I know of some 12 yr old kids (emma's relations) who are either my height or taller.
  14. 000

    you dial '000' when you need police attendance somehwere not always an "emergency". Firey's and ambo's yeah it better be urgent but for when you require police to attend something to to see someone '000'
  15. ...and swing by Hastings when you're done - not much better there either :evil: Cops aren't interested, been there, tried that.
  16. All I can say is it's about time.
    I've had too many close calls and near head ons with these type of dickheads.

    FYI - they won't fine kids under 12 because legally they can't. Something about not being of age enough to know and understand they're breaking the law.
    Same as you can't get charged for shoplifting, for example, if you're under 12
  17. That isn't fair Rob - the storekeeper in the Python sketch showed excellent service. He just provided a dead parrot and a "talking slug".
  18. Well here come the freaking NIMBY's again :roll: maybe if evey state forest, old tip, vacant land, etc, etc hadent been locked up by the green wingers and the farking councils the kids would have somewhere to ride and learn to control there bikes before turning 17 and being let loose on the roads with no experiance, they even managed to shut down the old Noojee bike park, farking wankers. :soapbox:
  19. One of those in my area also !!

    Solution . . . . PIANO WIRE ! :grin:
  20. "but this parrots not dead it's sleeping"............... :cool: