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Motorbike Travel Insurance

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by wojzilla, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. I'm about to embark on a Thailand/Malaysia trip, naturally I'm taking out travel insurance however most insurance doesn't cover you unless you have a current licence (I'm on my Ls), plus they require that you ride a 200cc or smaller.

    Are there any companies that will cover a Learner or an R-Date holder with or without a 200cc limitation.

  2. Even with a full licence there's a lot that won't cover you. If anyone has some experience with this it would be useful.
  3. Just got off the phone with CGU, they will cover you if you have a full licence, she didn't mention any size limits but I didn't ask either.
  4. Dont know as was always full licence and few years ago since was there, but if you look in "travel diaries"section, many a NR ridden travelled this path before. Lots of answers in there.
  5. I had no problems getting insurance to ride in Malaysia provided I didn't do anything I wasn't licenced to do here. In my case I had a full licence anyway but from the contract it seemed as if a learner would have been fine provided they didn't ride something they wouldn't be allowed to here. Unfortunately I can't remember what company that was (think it was one that only does travel insurance).
    I wouldn't be too worried about the 200cc limit though - anything over 175cc is basically non-existent in Malaysia anyway (extremely difficult to get a licence for anything bigger over there). And given what it's like to ride over there I wouldn't recommend trying to ride fast anyway (I saw 3 serious motorcycle accidents in 2 weeks - at least one was a fatality).

    Edit: Oh and even though it's unlikely any rental place is going to ask for a licence (usually just a credit card) it's still worthwhile getting an international licence before you go. Could mean a lot less hassle should you find yourself involved in an accident.
  6. Wojzilla, i just got back from thailand, where I went for a motorbike ride through the mountains out of chiang mai. It was AWESOME!!

    My travel insurance was Western QBE. THe motorbike cover was only if the motorbike in thaialnd was insured (which a lot arent.) And it covered the excess payable if there was an incident.

    I actually stacked the cbr150 I was riding. (And still can't ride my super 4 cos my knee is retarded. GRRR) The guy in front of me crashed (and it was at night, dont ride at night) .. then I panicked and tried to stop then and there and locked up the front brake and the front wheel washed out and i was on the road. But.. I stopped in time before running the dude on the phantom over! (bloody cruiser riders, blah! but he didnt have a license... worth doin a course b4 u go.)

    anyway... The travel insurance didnt come into it at all. probably cos the cbr150 wasnt insured... Oh and they didnt ask to see my license or anything when I hired the bike..

    The damage was 1000baht (or $30). THe bike was already damaged, the radiator got a hole and spat out the green stuff and started whisteling as i was riding along (lucky the leader was a mechanic who put some kinda metal putty in and patched the hole up.) Also it had been in a previous crash and the fairing was cracked and glued on but after I stacked, and was riding along .. they just fell off. omg. and i scratched up a bit of the fairing near where the headlight is.. but no pegs/levers/mirrors broken or anything...

    I thought it was a good outcome. a lot of the bikes that ARE insured have an excess of 2000baht which is double what my repair costs were. some of these scammers like you to crash cos they get more money. like this dude who crashed and was told "pay for a new bike cos u fcuked the engine.." then paid up. then the hirer just repaired it and bought a new bike to hire out with the cash! sooo i recomend if you crash, get it fixed, and return it, and keep your mouth shut!!

    i took my own helmet and boots and bought a weatherproof jacket with removable liner and armour for $100.. backpacking it was a biatch with all this stuff, but worth it for the sake of having a comfy helmet on the ride. (all the helmets there are pretty big.)

    oh yeh as for the bike, i ride a 400cc in melb. and am a fairly new rider too. i was gona get a super 4 in thailand, but ended up wtih the little 150. some of those roads are very steep (downhill hairpins, argh! ) and on the 150 you feel confident and can throw it around and have fun.. on a bigger bike.. its just not as fun. something big might not be as suitable. food for thought?

    are you going solo, with mates, or in an organised tour? what will you be riding? if u need somewhere to stay in chiang mai , try jonadda guesthouse.. soi 2 , ratvithi st chiang mai. the owner is aussie and a biker himself.. he has maps and tour routes .. and VEGEMITE!! (thanks daewoo.)

    PM me if you have any specific questions, or want more info. i have a shitload of pics on my facebook.

    the end

    ps. it can be a hassle trying to ride a hire bike through different provinces in thailand.. so something to research. eg down south to up north could pose probz but i was only riding in the north to the golden triangle and around to chiang mai.
  7. Thanks for that Danielle, I've started reading about it a bit more and getting really excited now.

    Heading up with a mate of mine, more of a lazy holiday but would like to get some riding done, even if it's just day trips, been reading a few threads on here as well as GT Rider and gathering ideas.

    At the end of the day I'm not too concerned about paying for damage to the bike, I just want to be covered for medical expences if i have an off and end up pretty beaten up.

    What's the score with Helmets? I have a whopping huge head (64cm Shoei XXL), I see you write that their helmets are pretty big but are they big enough? Don't really want to lug mine around as I don't know if I will do much riding up there unless you can reccomend any decent tours (up to a week?) up in the northern region of Thai.

    Being a newb I can't PM you... this thread will have to do.

    I'll be calling a few other insurance agencies, if i find anyone offering cover I'll be sure to post it in here too.
  8. Everyone is offering Travel Insurance. From credit card companies to supermarkets.. :p
    Things might turn good or nasty at your trip, so better be prepared. Ask around. Some have a 250cc restriction, some not. Some if you are a pillion, other don't.. Don't rely on the internet. You need to call them to verify it. Then, don't rely on the person behind the counter saying "she'll be right mate".. Ask for them to point it out at their t&C.. Think about the excess..

    The best scenario for you would be to have such an insurance that you will go there, ride have a good time and if sh1t happens, you won't care who is to blame or what money are to be paid..

    Have a nice trip and stay away from drugs, don't want another Shappell crap at my 6pm tv.. :cool:
  9. TV is bad enough as it is, I wouldn't do that to ya!
  10. To cover a few topics raised here -

    Big bikes in Malaysia. I was at the Sepang tests in Jan and it was a public holiday. The carpark was full of Duc's, ZX10's etc. In Malaysia (and Singa) if you can afford a big bike then you can tend to afford a new bike. However, none of the guys in the crowd I spoke with could tell me of any ride and go rentals apart from the beach resorts such as Langkawi and Kuantan. It's all organised tours if you want a "proper" bike.

    In Thailand there is no comp' insurance as we know it on any bike. Some renters will charge you an insurance premium but they are self insuring and they wear the cost of repair/theft, hence the high(ish) excess. So they will tend to dispute any claim. Rent from a reputable place and make friends with an a local expat incase you need repairs done.

    Carrying a helmet is a pain, but I have 2 options I have used. One is simply buy a holiday helmet there and leave your good helmet at home. Plenty of bikes shops around so the you have options from a $20 cheapie to an Arai. The other option is get a helmet bag. I picked up one of these H-Packs for Sin60 when I bought my Airoh.


    (Can be bought at www.adventureonwheels-sg.com)

    With travel insurance I have never been able to find an agency that will medivac if you crash riding > 200cc. So make sure you rental agreement just says Honda and not Honda 400cc............

  11. CGU ?
  12. I didn't know you could apply for an international licence whilst on your L's . Perhaps you need to check this out with your local RAV , NRMA , RAA whoever issues them in your state before you worry about insurance .
    Remember if you leave your licence, passport and visa details with a dodgy hire company overseas you are open to identity theft .
    I always pay cash at these sort of places, never give them my passport and keep my visa tucked away safely .
  13. I checked the CGU Travel Insurance PDS and under exclusions it states;

    • motorcycling, unless
    – the driver has a current motorcycle licence – this applies even if the
    driver is not required to hold a motorcycle licence or a motorcycle
    licence is not required by law

    ANZ/AIG Travel Insurance state;

    • motorcycling (unless whilst riding a hired motorcycle where such is the locally accepted method of transport for tourists or holidaymakers or (my emphasis) where the motorcycle is 200cc or less and a valid motorcycle licence is held)

    So with CGU it reads you need a full licence not just an L permit but you can ride whatever size you like. Good to know.... AIG's exclusion is ambiguous as it may read you don't need to be fully licensed if you hire a scoot in Bali or similar where everyone rides a scoot. Poor drafting IMHO.

  14. hello again wojzilla..., i woulda been covered if my medical expenses were over $250. but they werent. it cost all of $49 for a nurse, doctor and xrays in thailand. as for medivac.. um, they would fly me home if i had a major problem but if you mean like flying doctors.. well you'd be lucky if ambulences existed in some parts of thailand. the dude takin our group told us how they encountered a bike gone over the edge of a cliff, and the guy down there, very badly injured.. they had to make a stretcher out of belts, sticks and whatever, form a footy pack to put their feet onto and carry him up , 6 inches at a time.. the stretcher didnt last the whole time so they pulled out the backseat of someones car and used that.. then put the guy in a ute and off to hospital he went...

    Helmets.. well i have a XS arai head and the helmets (except the kids ladybug one) all swam round on my head. Not sure how big they are but they are mostly big sized shoei ripoffs, branded Index.

    if you are in chiang mai , theres a good short ride to do, 600kms over 3 days comfortably, the mae hong song loop and you can detour past doi intathon.. the highest mountain in thailand. john at the guesthouse i mentioned will sell maps and booklets with details for how to do it yourself (if its you and a mate, you should be fine without a guide if you can read maps)... he might even hire out some helmets jackets or leathers for you. i'll PM you his email addy. i must say i only rode for a 6 day tour out of the month i was there- and the helmet was a biatch... having to carry extra hand luggage on my flights, cos i was too precious to let my helmet travel on its own in the luggage area.. but do wear all the gear when you are there! little grazes can turn really infected cos of the tropical climate. oh and if you need medical assistance, see doctors there. the second i stepped foot in australia, they wouldnt cover my bills.. even though the injury happened on my holiday. its ok cos australia bulk bills stuff. but maybe not surgerys.

    For insurance...Try STA travel, they issued my QBE policy. i just got insurance with them cos i booked my flight with them.. i didnt bother hunting around, but i never made a claim so suppose it didnt matter!

    enjoy the lead up to your trip! exciting times :)
  15. I was speaking to a lady from QBE today and she said they cover anyone who does not have a license on a bike upto 100cc anything larger you need a license. Insurance companies keep changing there policies all the time.

    check out www.horizonsunlimited.com they always have people who have used different companies, good and bad.
  16. Hi Danielle I told you that you would get in trouble if you didn't post a report (on gt-rider) :) ...

    For Insurance, you could try and get insurance in-country (online) through Tony at http://www.e-insurethailand.com/ I asked him about it when I was thinking of running tours over there and he didn't think it would be a problem... Basically, I think Aussie insurance companies cover you if you are legally allowed to ride (that bike) in Australia, regardless of the rules in the country where you are... Just be aware, while Danielle binned it and got away lightly, if you need to be medivaced to Bangkok (no descent hospitals outside of BKK) it will be $US10K... you can do your own risk analysis...

    Helmets, you can take your own (I do) or buy in Chiang Mai (somewhat limited range, but cheap Index brand helmets available in most sizes $16) or buy in BKK from Paddock or Red Baron, BUT, the equivalent helmet will be cheaper in Aus...

    You will have a hard time finding scooters to rent out of the main tourist areas, let alone proper bikes...

    If you have any other questions, please ask, as Danielle will testify, I love talking about riding in Thailand (she is probably still hiding from me :) )
  17. Hi Daewoo.. so when is the offical Netrider Thailand ROAD TRIP??!!!
  18. I am travelling a lot for work in my new job, so it might be a bit hard to get 'council approval' to go away for liesure... but, if I do go it will be in November... so keep that in mind before you use up all of your recreation leave one day at a time to recover from hangovers :) ...

    It would be a good thing tho, wouldn't it...