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Motorbike to Motorbike Interphones..

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by gpxkermit250, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. Any thoughts from users of the Blue Ant or Equivilant BIKE TO BIKE Blue Tooth headset thingys?

    It seems that entry level price for one of these is about $200 to $250 per rider.

    Im thinking the distraction of chatter to your riding buddy and potential incoming mobile calls if your phone is hooked into it, may be less than ideal, but still interested to hear any thought from users and possible leads for a cheaper alternative.

    : ) Greg
  2. I have used the Blue Ant Interphone for 12 months or more now and have to say that, for short rides and commuting, they are fantastic. Sound quality is nothing short of superb, even above the 100 mark.

    My job requires me to be contactable 24/7, which is why I went the BlueAnt route in the first place. People calling me comment that they'd nevery know that I'm on the bike when I'm doing up to about 80kph.

    After a couple of weeks, I bought another and used it for pillion to pillion. Same high sound quality and about a 5 hour talk time in intercom mode.

    Haven't given the bike to bike thing an extensive workout, but I have used them on short trips up and down the Old Road. Battery life appears to shorten when you increase the distance between the units, but I've managed 150m between bike and still been clear as a bell.

    Because I've been doing longer rides recently, I've had issues with the battery life and the ability to recharge on multiday rides, which is why I've splashed out on a bike powered Autocom system.

    If all you want them for is commuting or short day rides I couldn't recommend them more.

    Now I have the Autocom system, I actually have the two interphones hanging around at the moment if anyone wants to make an offer.
  3. talk it up

    Nice one, thanks for the mega quick reply too.

    ok, so you have a couple of 12 month old Blueys handing around.
    Well, I will have a chat with my riding buddy and see what we reckon.

    I was thinking of a purchase in Aug/Sept for the new toy to be honest (after I had a bit more riding experience), but if the cash flow meets the mark your after then we could be onto something.

    I will get back to you on that one.

    Thanks, Greg
  4. Hey there,

    Not sure if you have received the PM I sent you about your 2 Intercom Units.

    Will be online today and tomorrow if your free for a return message to discuss.

    Thanks, Greg
  5. Hi Kermit,

    I used a set of Blue Ant for a while last year, during the Snowy Ride. They worked pretty well - it was good to have the bike on point able to tell me if the bend was clear or a tourist bus was coming around on the wrong side. Good for me that is.

    The work fine bike to bike so long as there is line of sight but I found over 100kph or so I couldn't really hear what was being said. The did work well at any speed with the mobile - which is why I didn't buy one. I'm an antisocial bas*#$d so I take the opportunity of being on the bike as an excuse not to have to talk to anyone. If you need to speak while riding, they are pretty good though.
  6. I've been using the interphones for about 6 months. They are fantastic, even at high speed, the mic doesn't pick up the wind noise.

    Only gripe is the battery.. It would be handy to be able to change the battery when it runs out on longer rides.
  7. Anyone out there recommend any brand of push to talk system between 2 or more bikes. Looking into buying one but unsure of quality of product. I think jaycar sell one, anyone use it?
  8. :) http://www.dmme.com.au/Bike to Bike.htm :)

    Multiple choices
  9. Thanks ducfreak, will be looking into them. Anyone recommend one's that they've used and rate?
  10. I've used the interphones extensively bike to bike. It's hard to ride now without the angel in my ear. :)

    Get the flat pack microphone and definitely +1 on the battery life.

    You can only chat to an interphone within 150-300m away that you've synced to. You cant have access to your gps or phone at the same time.

    With all frankness though, on second thought, I'd go an upspec scala or camo unit which are two speaker set ups and have a couple more features. I think blueant have a two speaker set up too. Having the voice in both ears helps avoid the "what'd you say?"

    If you're ONLY interested in pillion coms, get the scala teamset.
  11. I bought the Scala Q2 Rider and they work really well. I can't compare them to any other bike to bike intercom as they're the first I've used but they seem to do all that they claim.
    Seen them in the bike shops for around $280 but picked mine up on ebay for $170 or thereabouts.
  12. Given Robs advice im thinking of getting an upspeced scala. do you thinki its worth trying to ghet off ebay for the saving of say $70 as there's no warrenty?

    Im not interested in pillion comms, just being able to take/make calls and listen to music (and speak with anyone other scala bikers in range)
  13. I run both the scala and the interphone.

    I love them both.

    I don't have any friends so I can't use the intercom part of the interphone :p
  14. hmm scala might be the go. from what I read it can also be hooked up (via bluetooth) to a gps unit which would also be in consideration for me.