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motorbike talk or pointless opinions

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jack_17, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. I have been looking at all the posts for a couple weeks and found half of it is crap that has nothing to do with bikes etc. If you wnna be funny or are desperate to let something out send a blimmen msg on ur mobile or something instead of putting pointless stuff thats overcrowds what net riders are looking for. Most of this stuff comes from the old farts so i can suggest you take something up like bingo maybe or lawn bowls?


  2. Gotta say that was pretty dumb coming from someone new to the forum!!
  3. And you my fine young friend, can go take a long jump off a short pier. Then dry behind your ears.

    If all that was talked about was bikes, you would not be here because it would be empty.

    If you don't like it - go away. We like it fine.
  4. And by writing this thread you yourself have just contributed. If you don't like something don't read, or if it really is getting up you, talk to the Mods/Admins about it and let them deal with it.

    What this site doesn't need is people who aren't admins or mods trying to act like them and do their jobs for them.

  5. Jack you are entitled to your opinion, but if you go and have a look at the posts and numbers of people who view them or respond, I think you'll find that you are in a minority with it. If you also have a look at some of the hardcore bike threads, you will find fewer viewers and respondents.
    People can post anything they like; if it draws no response it drops like a stone, to be replaced by something else more interesting.
    And while we're at it, your opinion is not coming from a position of great quality or strength, is it??

    Mod: Vulgar text removed. Refer https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=2813
  6. ur 17years of age mate,ur not even legally allowed to get a bike licence,so wat i am saying is go ride ur bicycle around the streets and keep ur opinion to urself.
  7. Hey Jack the lurker, you know what they say about evesdroppers, don't you?
    They never hear anything good about themselves!!!
  8. whats great quality and strength?

    Its just annoying when everyone is talking about what they had on there toast, I like bikes because of the addrenalin rush i get out of riding but i guess this site isnt for that kind of talk then..
  9. I think this jackie is a worm on a hook.

    Someone is fishing.
  10. clearly something you know nothing about!!
  11. OK mate cause you said s eh
  12. LOL words are words
  13. Can we cut the crap and stick to talking about Jacks totally ghey zzr?
  14. Not to great at making friends hey....

    These guys give great advice when asked..... So like the others have said, if you're not interested in a post then don't read it/respond to it. Simple as that!!!
  15. Where's Deyago??????????
    Hey jackie my boy, it's GREAT to have an opinion, but if half a dozen people have told you they don't want to hear it, it's usually prudent to SHUT UP!!!
  16. Dear Mrs XXXX, Jack does not play well with other children......
  17. I don't think this kid is smart enough to go fishing!!! :!:
  18. I agree they do look pretty gay but didnt say it cause so many people own them by the way wat bike did you have when you where 17?

    Fishing yeh reminds me of the funny looking kids at skool who hobby was to fish.
  19. bwahahhahahahahhaaMOTORBIKEahahahahhahaha

    do you really MOTORBIKE think we all want to talk about our tyre pressures and fork oil and fuel RON all day MOTORBIKE every day? dont you think it'd get a bit monotonous going over the same old shit day in MOTORBIKE day out? "which is faster, the CBR250RR or the ZX2R?" MOTORBIKE "is this an ok price for a ZZR250?" MOTORBIKE "how many kays should i do between each service?" MOTORBIKE

    there are a great deal of things that have already been gone over and MOTORBIKE over and over and over here, in order to keep this being a community where we actually MOTORBIKE talk to each other, we have to talk about things other than MOTORBIKES every now and then.

    soooo, if you want motorbike only content, you can hit the search function and look for stuff that interests you. OR you can just close your eyes and pretend all these non MOTORBIKE related threads dont exist. OR you can go on complaining about the non MOTORBIKE related threads thus creating more non MOTORBIKE related threads :D


    better? :D
  20. An ITOM 50cc GP bike, which I actually raced, a BSA M21 which I rebuilt, and several others in bits.