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Motorbike Study (paid) in Melb in a week or so

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by VapourLock, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    Was passed the details of some market research group looking for motorbike people, to participate in one of those paid research things, in Melb.

    Asked them if they wanted more people and said I might be able to get a few people's attention via NR, and they agreed. :LOL:

    However, got slack and forgot to post it until now. Heh.

    Dates are Mon/Tue a week from now.

    The details are:



    Looking for people to participate in a paid research project on motorbike licencing.

    · All must have received their motorcycle license within the past 6 – 18mths.
    · All must have FULL license – NO Learners. Restricted license is OK.
    · Must all own a motorcycle of any kind, EXCLUDING Scooters.

    Participants must have lived in Australia for at least 2 years.

    Duration: up to 90 minutes, $60 Cash Payment

    RICHMOND (Melbourne) venue


    * *
    *Monday 20th August **7.45pm*
    *FEMALES aged 30-60 years*
    * *
    *Tuesday 21st August **6pm*
    *MALES ONLY aged 30-60 years*
    * *

    *please express your interest by contacting Alida at alitrav@iprimus.com.au INCLUDING your name, postcode, contact phone number AND WHAT TYPE OF MOTORBIKE YOU OWN!!! ** Following your email we will be in touch with you ASAP to arrange a suitable time for you to take part.*


    Hope that's helpful. :)

    NOTE - Edited to mention that restricted license is ok. Just learners permit is not.
  2. awww, not quite old enough.
  3. Why would you bother? All they'll do is ask leading questions, skew teh results to suit what the people who commisioned teh survey want to hear, and it will just bike riders are reckless/stupid again.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. It's also a good way for people to find out what bike you have and where you live.

    So if I wanted to a couple of R1s and GSXRs etc..I'd know where to get em from.

    That's my way of thinking anyway.
    Not implying anything.
    But I wont be telling everyone I live on St Kilda Rd in St Kilda and I own an R1. :p
  5. Aren't they narrowing the field just a little bit?

    I mean, they say 6-18 months, but a FULL license. You MUST be on your L's in Victoria for 3 months. No P-platers would quality, 'cos that's not a full license. Even if you have a full car license prior to getting your bike license, you still undergo a restriction period of 12 months, after which it becomes a full license.

    i.e. They effectively asking for people who ride and own a motorbike, who received their L's between Feb-Apr (inclusive) of 2006, immediately passed their L's after the minimum 3-month period, and had a full car license at the time such that sometime in the last 3 months they recently graduated to a full bike license.

    Couldn't be more than maybe 100 people state-wide that would fit that criteria.
  6. There would be a few. Rolla fits it but we have basketball on a Tuesday night.
    Anyone between the ages of 30 - 60 and their licence rolled over from a restricted to a full in the last 6 - 18 months. I reckon they will get a few takers and fill their quota. I know of a few netriders who would fit the criteria.
  7. Could mean those tht come off restrictions no more than 18 mths ago.
  8. And I am one of them :)
  9. When a friend inquired last week they were pretty well set for women , but still needed some guys. :-#
  10. But when you combine it with this..

    One must ask, how people do they expect to survey?
  11. why dont they want people such as myself (and many others here), who got their licence 10 years ago?? what is their agenda??
  12. Simple. Its easy money.

    Dont worry about all that shit.

    You just tell em whatever is required to be able to participate. They
    dont ring Vicroads to check UNO. :LOL:
  13. I would read that as people who have come off their P's in the last 6-18mths, there would be more than 100 that fit that criteria I'm sure, me included.
  14. O.K, so ignoring the rest of my post which led me to ask the question you quoted, why would you spend "up to 90 minutes" and travelling time plus fuel, let's say 45 minutes and $10 (including some wear and tear).
    So, now we're at $50 for 135 minutes, or around $22.20 per hour.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. Rest of your post is irrelevant & unsubstantiated so I didnt quote it.

    people only do these marketing jobs for money; not because they are trying
    to change the world.

    As with all these jobs, you evaluate whether its worth your while.
    If its not far no reason I wouldnt go. Its tax free dollars. If its far,
    forget it.

    & sometimes you are not paid in cash but rather goods. For example
    earlier this year I did one involving cigarrettes. The packets were not
    labelled & each week I'd be sent a box of white packets with a diffrent

    That to me, was worth it because I because I smoke a pack a day but
    was given 14 packs a week for one month. So thats cash in my pocket
    because of savings.

    My wife does not work so she sometimes goes during the day if it suits
    her both in location & financial reward. I'll go after work.

    Its all about using one's common sense with the jobs you get emailed
    with each week Andrew.
  16. It's $50 you wouldn't have had if you sat at home and watched the idiot box. A good number of people earn less than that rate per hr so it would be like getting a couple of hours overtime, given the number of people losing their house because of interest rates, I would think there will be plenty of takers. There will be many who think it's a cold day in hell when I won't talk motorbikes for $50.
  17. Exactly right Triway, keeping in mind his quoted $22/hr is hypothetical
    figure as well. :cool:

    $50 is a weeks worth of petrol to some.
  18. people pay for petrol?? :p
  19. People's circumstances will determine if this is an attractive offer,

    I wouldnt go, not that I wouldnt mind an extra $50 or so, but that after working all day, I would rather go home and spend some time with the family, that would be my choice,

    although if it was $100......

    and it is only tax free if you decide not to declare it as income
  20. Yeh that'd be right.. rub it in eh?! :LOL:

    or should I be saying "Not everyone does a ride-off from the bowser Joel"