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VIC Motorbike Shoot - Looking for Interviewees in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Employment' started by ShannonHowat, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. Hi there,

    I'm Shannon from Woody TV, a production company based in Sydney.

    We're looking for motorcyclists (female or male) with customised license plates to participate as interviewees in an exciting shoot that will take place between the 15th - 20th of January 2016 in Melbourne.

    The interviews will become part of two videos that will screen at the SBK Superbike World Championship at the Phillip Island Grand Prix in February 2016!

    We're looking for road bike riders with personlised plates from the state of Victoria, however dirt or superbikes are more than fine. The crew would need to film the interviewees around their homes, local hangouts, and on the roads between the shoot dates noted above.

    If you'd like be involved as an interviewee, or know someone who might be interested, please send through the following details:
    • Your name, email, mobile, and suburb of residence in Victoria
    • Describe or attach photos of your motorbike and personalised license plates
    • Your availabilities between 15th - 20th January 2016
    • Anything else about yourself that you'd like to add

    Thanks so much, and looking forward to hearing from you!

  2. More info please. eg. what's the purpose of these videos?
    Why personalised plates?
    What's "exciting" about this?

    From your website;

    woody's mission is to help you change the world. Our focus is in producing strategically creative content to support your campaign and organisational objectives.

    What campaigns and/or organisational objectives are these videos to be purposed towards? Which leads to; Who is the client?

    A word of warning, it had better not be TAC or you will get short shrift from the members here.
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  3. Might be one of those fake ,do you want to be a p0rn star site.
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  4. A domain like "woody.tv" leaves me suss as well... :ROFLMAO:
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  5. It's apparently legit. Some VicRoads promo thing.

    I might put my hand up and then expose the stupid women who controls the issuing of number plates and ask her why she recalled mine after 5 years, transfer and 40,000k based on two fake identities lodging complaints...
  6. It'll take more than this to convince me it's on the up-n-up. I'm wary of the VicRoads/TAC/Vicpol/MUARC/government cartel.
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  7. OP hasn't responded to the questions, indeed she hasn't been back on the forum at all since initial post. Interesting.

    Shannon Howat | LinkedIn
  8. I'm confused. The above statement is irrational and a paradox. Are you saying it's legit - or it's a Vicroads thing. Please make up your mind. You can't have both. ;)
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  9. Deadline has been and gone, still no response from OP. No further login other than to write the original post.

  10. I responded (although it was to an email from Vic Plates) and had a crew here last Saturday filming me, quite an experience! .... Got paid for it too :)
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  11. Care to fill in the rest of the story?
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  12. As the original post said, it was to film a promotional piece for Vic Plates to show at the Philip Island Superbikes next month.
    So they were with me for 8 hours, filming, interviewing, still shots etc etc.... when its finished it will run for 30 seconds! :)
  13. How did u go with the money shot?
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  14. and was a fluff bike required :snaphappy:
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  15. ....did it in one take! :sneaky:(y)
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