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"Motorbike Riders Are Gay Cowboys Too Scared To Fight&q

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by moog, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. #1 moog, Jul 29, 2009
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    Motorbike slandering starts at 2:35

    Gotta laugh...

  2. Thats Gold!!!!!

    Proof that New Zealanders have a sheep fetish.
  3. So do New Zealand bikers like to "ram" it home?
  4. I was waiting for someone to start but I didn't think it would be ewe :p
  5. I wanted to be the first, but I felt a little sheepish...
  6. :LOL: Gotta love the brilliant photoshop skills.
  7. They're just trying to pull the wool over our eyes...
  8. I don't know wether I should flock to this debate or not......
  9. Now Paul, no need to get rambunctious about this but I think ewes all need a bit of a laugh.

    An animal orthodontist who practiced in NSW was called one day by a frantic farmer in New Zealand. "Help sir!" he cried, "I just got braces and orthodontic equipment for 100 of my sheep, and the local sheep orthodontist just died! I need a responsible animal dentist to come care for my flock!"

    The orthodontist was moved, and a good price was offered, so he promptly flew to New Zealand for what he figured would be a week or two of work.

    But he found that he was entirely unfamiliar with the orthodontic equipment the sheep had been given, and he spent a whole six months in New Zealand trying to figure out the strange braces.

    When at last he boarded a plane for home, after half a year of frustrating work, he sighed with happiness.

    "At last", he said, .... "I'll be seeing ewes in all the old familiar braces!"
  10. How do New Zealanders elect their Prime Minister?

  11. The old breeding ram died suddenly in his stall one night.

    Vets were puzzled as to the cause of death, until it was realised that the man who had installed a musicsystem in the barn, to keep the sheep happy and content, had inadvertantly included the song "I'll never find another you"..........