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Motorbike rider pissed

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 99sydrd, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. Driving home from the inlaws tonite we came around the bend i see this motorbike rider up ahead, as i get closer i notice he is swerving all over the road ,i'm thinking is this a new way to warm up the tyres ! i said to my wife he's pissed :LOL: Anyway i noticed he's riding a nice big late model bmw touring bike. So were following him along approaching a left hand turn onto the hwy and he suddenly decides to turn left and he must have missed the gutter by centimeters. Were laughing our heads off by this stage.I'm glad we didnt have follow him for any longer.

    It's the first time i've seen a pissed motorbike rider. I've seen heaps of cars but the first time ive seen a drunk on a motorbike.
    Anyone got any drunk rider stories to share?

  2. Nah mate, thats just one of those new police BMW's that our motorcycle levy is paying for!
  3. He's in NSW :roll:
  4. Well he said he was pissed!
  5. Anyone got any drunk rider stories to share?....

    (worked in a bike shop)... fixed a mate up with a new long-range fuel tank, a nice new rack to set him up for a Cape York ride, he rushed them home and went to meet his riding buddy up the road... a drunking f/wit failed to stop at the end of his road and pushed my mate, and the bike through a big fence and into a car yard.

    It was a mess....heard that a cop fainted as well as a towie.

    no more mate.

    about a week later the bike arrived at our shop, you know how hard it was to offload it!!!
    it moves me even now talking about it.

    a week or so later I was in a carpark getting on my bike when an obviously pissed guy tried to get into his car next to me... I cracked up, normally quite passive, punched him out cold with one hit and threw his keys into some buildings... wow... glad it was late, but stopped his chance to kill another mate?

    sorry it wasn't as 'funny' as the first one....
  6. Pissed or was one of his tyres deflated?

  7. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. :applause: Well done!
  9. I too don't think it is that funny seeing a guy tooling around pissed our roads.
  10. I am thinking of the quote i have seen on these forums somewhere..

    "There are drunk riders and there are old riders.. There are no drunk old riders"
  11. Should have also rung 000 and reported a guy trying to get into a car.... :twisted:
    Apart from that well done!
  12. Didn't want to get the idiot off the road before he caused an accident? No?

    I know it's an invasion of privacy and he probably wouldn't like it all that much, but I wouldn't like to be killed either.
  13. Hmm.... not drunk but have ridden once hung over.

    *drum roll whilst waiting for that picture with the dude spewing with his helmet on.....*
  14. (without hijacking)

    Saw a guy swearving over the road, no indicating when changing lanes and thought he was a bit of a tool, or he was drunk (which also puts him into category A ;) ), and i pull up nex tto him, and see he's on the phone... :evil:

    Me in my tinted visor was going off at him, and he saw me, then i realised he couldn't see me going off, just this bobbing helmet :LOL:

    So i made the international phone symbol (thumb and little finger), and mime'd hanging up, and he quickly did... :)
  15. They won't necessarily do anything. Friend of mine was driving home one night and saw a car being driven by someone who was clearly drunk (swerving everywhere and stopping frequently). He followed them and dialled 000 only to be told that all Police cars in the area were currently unavailable and there was nothing they could do :roll:.

    It was only when he told them that if that were the case he'd stop the drunk himself "by whatever means necessary" that they somehow managed to miraculously find a Police car that wasn't so busy after all.
  16. Never riden a motorbike pissed but have u ever tried to wheel a pushbike home smashed from the pub?...what a marathon...as well as leading a boxer dog i decided to pinch from outside...man does crazy things
  17. Ever seen a diabetic thats running low on sugar? I hope you didn't punch out some poor bloke trying to get to something sweet in his car :shock: :shock:
  18. They look different to a drunk, aren't noisy / abusive, don't smell of alcohol, are normally fairly quite, fade in and out of consciousness and usually sweat.

    It's pretty easy as a rule to tell.
  19. I cant see how anyone could find DD funny.