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Motorbike Related T-Shirts

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by The Mischief Makers, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. Hello hello.

  2. :roll:
    We'll see what can be done. I've been thinking about a couple of ideas going that way, but I'll have to have a chat with The Heads about this. :wink:
    I'm not the only decider on that, but believe me, I would go broke quite quickly by handling teeshirts to everybody just because I like to see people with bike-realted shirts :LOL:
  3. I wanna see funny tshirts that say things like

    "Netriders do it better"

  4. Alrigh everyone,

    As I didn't see any particular sticky note about posting infos about businesses in this forum I thought it would be alright for me to do so. I was obviously wrong and I apologize. Let me know what I should have done and once again sorry if I offended anybody or upset anyone.
    Just thought that people might be interested in that sort of stuff, be assured I'm not here to do promotion or suck money out of your wallets but because I'm a rider and want to share this passion.

    Sorry again.
  5. i dont see anything wrong? i love funny bike T's
  6. Dude chill, the shirts look great. I will have a look at your stuff. Dont stress about busting the T&Cs, if you are not sure just PM one of the modds or even Vic himself!
  7. Yeah, I tried to PM but as I didn't have ( and still don't eheh ) a total of 20 posts on the forum I can't PM anyone yet hahahaha.

    All good anyway, I just always freak out about netiquette.
  8. I would laugh and point with emabarassment at anyone wearing such a shirt!
  9. yeah that T couldn't be worn seriously hahaha.... i'd have to kick em...
  10. awww come on
    why not, theres heaps of tshirts out there that say "plumbers do it better" or even "tradies do it better"
    any funny tshirts and I'm in, but that's me...i have a sense of humour!! :p
  11. It's a funny one, indeed. But for the moment we focus more on more general ideas. Mind you, why not do a special short run at some point for a particular event? I'll have to look into that.

    But anyway, it's good to know what you guys want to wear as well. :)
  12. stunt riders keep it up longer :twisted:
  13. I'd be down for one of those!!

    Although..... I can't stunt... Yet :(
  14. "Netriders go down more often" might be more appropriate :LOL:.
  15. :LOL: lmao!

    i dont mind a take the piss shirt...

    lover of funny, rude, offensive T's....

    the 'do it better' varieties of T's are a classic.. i have "brunettes do it better"... always gets a stirr.... thou i'm not about to jump in the sack to 'prove' my point ha haha....
  16. aww JD :rofl:

    Well I missed the link before it got modded so dont know what was there, but I like funny/clever tshirts too :grin:

    Two most recent ones Ive seen (probably copywrited) "Officer, I wasnt speeding I was qualifying" and "when life throws you a curve, lean into it" :wink: