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Motorbike racers status

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by davidp1984, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. Because I like seeing everyone argue, I'm going to ask the following:

    Since motogp is classed as the top of the pecking order as the premier motorcycle gp, what's second, wsbk or moto2?

  2. Moto2 is more exciting to watch
  3. Interclub this coming weekend @ Broadford.
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  4. MotoGP is crap, they're just soft, spoilt, boring cry-babies, watching it just puts me to sleep.
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  5. Isle of Mann is the top of the pecking order.
    MotoGP is just the most expensive.
  6. depends..... its like asking v8 super cars or formula 1,
    they are different paths or disciplines

    "officially" - prototypes
    moto gp
    moto 2
    moto 3
    red bull ktm rookies cup

    but then you have the equivalent super bike - production based

    wsbk champinship
    national championships
    super stocks etc....
  7. it's not a question of which one is at the top of the heap. That's obvious. MotoGp is. It's more like a question of which one you like, and superbikes are pretty close to the top of that list. But Moto2 produces some fun racing to watch. So does world supersport. So does real road racing. Isle of Mann is awesome.
  8. Moto gp is the formula 1 of motorbikes... Therefore it is number 1.

    Where do the riders that can't keep up in moto gp go.... Wsbk ...

    But yeah, I enjoy the racing of moto 2 more than moto gp. But I admire what some of those guys can do on a motogp bike
  9. Sorry road racing over GP
  10. I'd also put the Suzuka 8hr above MotoGP, if only for the race start
  11. In my opinion, MotoGp may have the best bikes, but it's far from the best racing. I prefer to watch Moto3, Moto2, WSS or WSBK or IRR.

    But to answer your question, it'd be a toss of the coin between Moto2 and WSBK from a development point of view.
  12. He didn't ask what was interesting to watch. My answer to that would be BSB.

    In terms of who has the best riders it's by far GP. How many guys come up from WSBK and never do a thing? (I can name plenty - johny rea is a good example. The GP guys step down to WSBK and dominate.

    Having said that GP is a snooze fest
  13. my non bike liking mate was extremely bored watching the motogp re run last night on one hd. But was very exciting by the Road Racing 2012 that was also on speedtv at the same time. Much more exciting.
  14. He didn't ask who has the best riders either.
  15. Road racing for excitement, moto gp for the bikes. Many a moto gp rider has gone to the Isle Of Man and said these guys are amazing. Cam Donald rode Loris Caparossi moto gp Suzuki around the track and said the bike was amazing...
  16. Barros didn't exactly set the world on fire in WSBK. Hopkins, ex MotoGP rider, hasn't done anything.
  17. Yes but hopper came up from AMA just like Nicky and never did anything. I meant when the guys who came up through the GP classes step down to SBK they do well.

    Of course there's probably exceptions but as a rule the SBK guys can't cut it when they move up to GP.

    Off the top of my head - edwards, bayliss, hodgson, xaus, vermuelen, haga, crutchlow, spies, rea, toseland - how many wins between them?
  18. these three may not have many wins....
    but they are up there in points and podiums, consistently in the front pack....
    which is better then the majority of those who filter in from the main feeder series.... hell after the freaks, they are probably the fastest riders.
  19. i love gp but thats the only one on free TV!
    have only ever seen one SBK race.
    i think IOM deserves more prestige, and status of the biggest ballsack
    Dakar is also pretty f ucking hardcore.

    Titles in more than one championship would be ultimate!
    imagine a world title, and a TT title!

    (UDLOSE, i wouldn't rule out crutchlow so fast, give him time)
  20. yeh that's what everyone said about spies aswell.