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Motorbike Questions

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mybowlcut, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. Hey. I know the title of this thread is really vague but I have a few questions so I thought I'd keep it general.

    I don't have a bike or my bike license (what's a bike license called? and the class?), but I see them while driving and they really interest me. I never see a bike in one place for too long... they're always zipping past everyone at crazy speeds... and most modern bikes just don't look ugly... I find so many cars ugly, but every newish bike I've seen isn't (to me anyway).

    Anyway... I want to get a bike in the future and I have a few questions.
    1. How do motorbike riders seemingly(?) get away with riding so fast? I'm not saying I will, but like I said, I've never had a bike in front of me or behind me for more than a minute.. they always seem to zoom off into the distance... Do the speed cameras just not pick them up? Do they just not care?
    2. I've read somewhere that motorbikes are more expensive (I assume they meant to maintain) than cars. Is this true? What are some common things that go wrong with motorbikes or that require semi-frequent maintenance?
      Is getting your bike license any more difficult than getting your car license?
    3. Is there a particular manufacturer that has a better "reputation" than others? E.g Yamaha, Honda, etc., etc.
    4. What happens when it rains? Does it get annoying? What about when it's really hot? Does the open air beat A/C in a car in most cases?
    5. What happens when you park your bikes... ever had anyone doing stuff to them? They're so open in comparison to cars where you have doors with locks...

    Cheers to anyone who answers any of the questions!
  2. 1) because they can, and mostly, it is the acceleration you notice (ie. 0-100) that makes them appear so fast, whereas top cruising speed probably isnt that much different to you in your car.

    2) Some are more expensive to maintain, like sportsbikes with $700 for a front & rear tyre, insurance being quite tough if you are under thirty, and as the engines generally rev much higher, it is reasonable to expect that repairs to moving parts would be necessary before that of a car engine.
    However, some of the sports/tourer or touring style bikes can stack on mega-kms before anything other than consumables are required.
    In my experience, they certainly arent cheaper than cars to run and maintain. i ride because i love it.

    3) Honda

    4) A real rider, rides in any weather. powderpuff pansies dont.

    5) Sometimes they do, sometimes they dont. i have personally never had an issue.
  3. hey, i dont risk my life everyday with idiots to sit in line at the traffic light with the sheep.

    start up costs are alot higher than on a car but if you are serious about always riding it gets cheaper

    people always touch my bike. just today i came back and my engine was flodded. it wasent like that when i parked it(probably little shites saying what soes this do?)
  4. I think Joel has answered these questions well, but just to reinforce the speed issue, just about any bike will out-accelerate just about any car up to 100kmh. Without trying hard.

    I have a 600 and I can pull off the lights without revving round to 13,000 or anything stupid, and by the time I get to 70 or 80, the traffic is miles behind; I just get to that speed heaps quicker than a car can. That makes it a lot safer for me because I've nearly always got clear road round me and I only have to worry about what I'm doing, not watch out for other motorists.
  5. Did you park in the car wash again :LOL:

    J/K that does shit me....

    OP I agree with Joel except for #3. All the Jap manufacturers (and most others) build great bikes these days.
  6. Because they can? What do you mean? How do you go with speed cameras? Do they just not get you?

    What is the difference between a "sports/tourer or touring style" bike and a regular bike?
    How does it always get cheaper? Do you mean by purchasing the right bike, fuel, oil, etc?
    I understand the acceleration thing but what about top speed? Do YOU guys speed? I'm not trying to point the finger at anyone I'm just asking because I've always been curious. :)
  7. When your life is in danger, speeding is often the last thing you worry about.

    I have broken the speed limit many times to avoid being merged on.

    I don't leave my bike in places I don't feel comfortable with. eg. shopping centres etc.
  8. So is riding really that dangerous all the time?

    Have you ever been pulled over?

    What do you do when you want to go shopping? Seriously haha I'm interested to know... :)
  9. Top speed on a bike is not a big issue, although what I said about acceleration also applies. ANY speeding risks the attention of the Police, and rapid acceleration can draw prosecution under the 'hoon' laws as well.

    So you're thinking about getting a bike? You can always find a place where you can 'stretch its legs' but given the risks, both of prosecution, and road surfaces and speed differentials, you probably won't......


    Riding is dangerous insomuch as people don't look out for you; you have to look out for them, and make the assumption that everyone is out to get you. Also, of course, if you do fall off, you are 18 times more likely to be killed or injured than you are if you biff your motor car. So the trick is to be alert, ride to the conditions, and don't fall off.
  10. You slow down. Motorbikes accelerate so quickly because of there power to weight ratio.

    You'll learn about these if your in the scene for any amount of time.

    I think he means iniatlly its expensive to get into but once you have all the gear it gets cheaper. But this depends on what type of bike you get. Some require more frequent consumables/parts.

    Its so easy on a motobike to speed as you have alot more to worry about than looking at a speedo plus the power to weight once again makes it so easy.
  11. I find that I tend to be spending a lot more on bike parts than car parts, but I bought a POS to wrench on and I like riding my bike a lot more :] In general though, people have mentioned to me that consumable parts tend to go a lot faster on a bike than a car.

    Regarding licensing, not sure about WA, but it's so easy in NSW you could laugh. Do a 2 day course and a computer test (which uses the same questions and answers from the online sample test) and you've got your learner's licence. A bit scary when you realise we're legally releasing people out on to the roads when they've had a little less than 10-20 hours riding time. That's another thread though.

    Depending where I am depends on how I leave my bike. I don't live in such a nice neighbourhood, unfortunately, so I've come out to my bike and noted the kill switch has been flicked, fuel tank flap opened and a few other things. I've seen other bikes in more secure areas that have helmets just sitting on the back seat or off a bar end though.
  12. Cheers for the replies. :grin: Yeah I've seen bikes while driving and I just love how agile they are.. it's definitely something I'd like to get one day.
  13. In terms of shopping, I use a rack and bag - luggage solutions are available for most bikes. You won't get a family shop for a week home on the bike, but most things short of that are doable.

    With rain, it's just a matter of wearing rain gear - you'll get damp, but it's worth it. (One of the things I love about Brisbane, though, is how few really rainy days we get.)

    I think I do (allegedly) go a bit quicker on the bike sometimes - things like maybe 80 in a 60 zone when it's clear road. We still get caught by speed cameras, and still have to keep and eye out and ride appropriately... but these days a fine every now and then is almost just a cost of doing business on the road.

    You'd start off on a 250 in most states and learn to ride on something that's not insanely powerful - and many modern bikes *are* insanely powerful. We like it, but not for beginners - or for those with poor impulse control.

    Your greatest danger, and your greatest protection, on the bike is yourself.
  14. You obviously have alot of questions and research to do, best advice I can give..

    Check out netrider - it contains alot of info about learner legal bikes and getting into riding, check it out!:
    netrider - The Ultimate Resource For New Riders
  15. :rofl: :rofl:
  16. Touch NSW-centric, non?
  17. phiz, you do realise you will attract unwanted attention from the other established site www.netrider.net.au :?
  18. gsxr movistar, I've got to feed the kiddies ok! :p Spam wh0ring is perfectly acceptable, baby needs a new gixxa :D

    Yup.. but theres plenty of generic info there, eg. bike info, some faqs, etc.

    Joel, been pointed out yesterday :( Need to fix it tomorrow. Ideas for names? :D
  19. Yeah, sorry phiz, didn't realise it was your baby. Would have been less terse. What I meant was that only having NSW info is fine, but some comment that that's the case somewhere might be useful - the intartubes is a post-geographic phenomenon (!) and you'll disappoint 5/6 of your Aussie viewers if they rock up and there's no info for their state.

    I'm willing to run up a similar blurb for QLD for ya, if that's useful, so if we could get people in each state to do likewise it'd enhance the site... or not.
  20. How about BikeNOOBS and make Mg a mod. :LOL: :LOL: