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Motorbike parking

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by harrier, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. Hi All,

    I am new to riding. I have looked through the threads but can't seem to find much info about parking my bike. What are the laws regarding how a bike can be parked? I assume parking on the footpath isn't legal even though I have seen it done a lot. Anyone have tips for making sure that m bike isn't run over by cars or accidentally knocked over by pedestrians? How safe are car parks?
  2. There's no really safe way to park a bike because by definition bikes are a vulnerable device.

    Parking on the footpath is not legal in NSW, but some places do allow parking in the alcoves at the front of buildings as long as it is inside the frontage line.

    If you can park near a wall or away from an area that looks to be directly trafficed, do so.

    Car parks accept no responsibility for any damage or theft of any vehicle parked inside them; check the back of the ticket.

    Oh, and welcome to the friendliest forum on the Net.....
  3. does your VSTOL help in finding parking ? :LOL: you could always try a top of a building. :LOL:
  4. Welcome harrier. If you move to Victoria you can park on the footpath. :p

    BTW how are you finding the GT250R? Had it long? I've had mine about a week now. And have driven my car only twice since I got it! :wink:
  5. I've had mine for 2 days now. I had a bit of a scare at first as the chain guard lost a bolt and was sitting on the chain making a rattling noise. I thought the engine was packing it in at first! Easily fixed with a new bolt though. Other than that I am enjoying the ride!
  6. As has been mentioned, you can't park on the footpath in NSW.

    Depending on where you are, you may be able to find designated motorcycle areas which are always better to park in if you can since they (usually) don't have any restrictions attached to them. Failing that, you can park in any area where parking is allowed as long as you obey the relevant time/ticket/permit restrictions. Note that when not parking in a motorcycle bay you are allowed to angle park (even when the sign stipulates parallel parking) as long as you don't protrude beyond surrounding vehicles into the road.

    So far I haven't had any troubles when parking in "normal" spots in car parks - as long as you park in the centre of the bay and don't stick out beyond adjacent cars then the chances of being hit are fairly low. Where possible I park so that the front (or back, depending on which way I went in) is close to level with the the cars next to me so that people looking for a spot can see that it's occupied before they go to turn into it...
  7. curious about say a 2hr ticket parking area... say you want to be "cool" or just annoying, and park in a car spot... where would one put the ticket!?!?
  8. For me that generally isn't a problem... There's a nice spot between the windshield and the dash on the X9 where the ticket won't move around, even with a bit of wind. Of course you still have to worry about dickheads pinching your ticket but so far that's never happened to me. YMMV though...

    Even better are some of the newer ticketless meters which keep track of the time for you (and even allow payment by credit card or mobile phone).

    I do try to find a motorcycle bay where I can but if they're not available or too far away from where I'm going then it's more convenient to park in a car spot.
  9. Is there any parking stations thay have motorcycle parking ? I havnt found one yet. just hoping someone has seen it in the CBD.
  10. There's a few. The ones near me that I know about are

    Kings Parking - Kent Street , http://www.secureparking.com.au/station.asp?stationid=155 phone 9279 2445 $10 a week for motorbike (unreserved).
    Wilsons Goulbourn St, http://www.wilsonparking.com.au/htm...?objectid=A0684E78-C09F-1F3C-C8577D47FF0326EF phone 9264 7111 , $110 a month for permanent reserved parking. Not on their site, call to confirm.
    Wilson Darling Park, http://www.wilsonparking.com.au/htm...?objectid=9C7BC268-C09F-1F3C-C82333FDE24138F3, phone 9264 7111 , $55 a month for permanent reserved parking. (details available on website)