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Motorbike parking in Brisbane

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by cruzzzo, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Does any Brisbane veteran know the parking rules,protocols,tips for motorbikes in Brisbane CBD, Valley etc..?

    Appreciate any response.

    So far I know there are free bike parking under the bridges.
    And there's a bike parking area near Gilhooley's.

    Tried to find info but most are contradicting...
    Ourbrisbane.com has nil info about bike parking unfortunately.

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  3. $5 a DAY???


    But then, that's still $1200 a year.
  4. Hi tanya,

    Thanks I've tried both sites before, but without any major luck.](*,)
    (Looks like Melbourne is the best city for bikies..)

    I will try to find some tips by myself and post them here as they come.
  5. Hi,
    As I understand it, the areas under the freeway on ramps are "unoffical" motorcycle parking areas, there are sign for pushbike parking in the areas under the on and off ramps into Elizabeth, Turbot, Anne Streets.
    There are also legit bike parking spaces (as you said on Charlote street near Gilhooleys) in front of what was the Festival Hall.
    The general concensus from what I have seen is,
    parking in any of these areas for free in not strictly legal,
    but as long as the bike is not impeding the pedestrian traffic, the council won't ticket you.


    Just have a look around, there (from memory) several dedicated motorcycle parking areas around the city, at the Eagle street end as well as the George street end,
    as well, I have parked my bike anywhere that there are a few others parked, footpaths, under the freeway ramps, as long as you don't block the ability of people to walk thru the area where the bikes are parked.
  6. Thanks Chris!
  7. i actually work at a motorbike shop 1.5km from my place, I always have somewhere to park :D and the bike is about 20m from where i am.

    I'd hate to have to work in the city and have my bike out of sight.. :twisted:

  8. wow.. working at a bike shop.. aren't you the luckiest! :applause: