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Motorbike parking at Melb. uni Parkville.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by I Adore Vic, May 15, 2009.

  1. Hey all. Is there anyone from here who parks their bike at Melb Uni? If so, what's the go with motorbike parking laws there? I need to go to the Old Arts building and want to know if I can ride around to it and if so, what's the risk or being booked?



  2. hi, use the parking area near the union. enter from swanston st and go down tin alley (across from elgin st). its opposite the pool. they occasionally enforce bike parking so its best to do it properly.

    ps there are 2 bike parking areas on tin alley. use the 2nd near the union

    maps on the uni web site
  3. Old Arts is in the middle/west roughly.

    You could ride through the entrances on either Royal Pde or Swanston St a the North end of the uni just beofre the colleges etc (can't remeber the road/lane name) into the central area near where the student union building is.

    The other option is to park on Royal Pde on the footpath just north of the Florey medical building, there is a brown building with a walkway underneath (zoology?). There is some building works going on there. If you go through there, the old arts is practically in front.
  4. Thanks guys :) Will check it out. :)
  5. I got a warning infringement notice for my bike on Wed... (my red Kawasaki... even though my bike clearly had Honda on it in 3 spots)

    For not parking in the appropriate spot. I find it amusing seeing as I have been parking there since Oct 07 for 2 days a week or more (always after hours)
  6. As said Rosie, bike parking is near the union building in a side street thingy of Tin Alley (about half way down). Melb uni are nazis about their rules... Especially when it comes to parking.

    Did you message my little sister on Facebook like I suggested a while ago? She was keen to hear from another single Mum at the uni (or planning to attend) and she would know of any other spots where people put bikes seemingly without incurring fines. :)
  7. i assume down tin alley your speaking of the lil' parking area for bicycles/motorcycles right next to Lyle and Rivett threatre?

    I've also seen a couple bikes park under i think "John Medley building" which is easily accesible from Gate 10 on Grattan Street. aswell as the area between old engineering and john medley. Not sure about these 2 tho.
  8. http://www.pb.unimelb.edu.au/parking/whereyoushouldpark/motorcycleparking.html

    Up until late last year you could essentially park where you want, in terms of getting fines. While riding I once had a security guard chase me from Monash Avenue and Swanston, right to the Ballieu (I knew he was there, but pretended not to notice him, having dealt with him previously); but he could do no more than tell me that it was bad to park where I parked. Now they have real fines: I've had two so far, including one on a late Saturday afternoon / evening. It's the new Melbourne Brand Image - better get your suit pressed!
  9. Don't park under John Medley unless you want a fine. Security have turned into complete nazis this year. Aside from tin alley there is parking space just inside the gate opposite PA's on Grattan. There's also limited parking in the underground car park under the south lawn inside the entrance on the lefthand side.
  10. So confused now >.<

    rode in on saturday first time to melb uni for a group assignment....rocked up at gate 10 i thnk, on my way to the underground parking (where i rememberd reading the was some dedicated spots for motorbikes i attempted to go check it out) and at the entrance i was abrutly and rudely approached by one of the security staff.

    Tried to inform the guy that it was my first time riding to uni, but nothing really mattered to him. So now i have a bitter taste in my mouth about these security peeps.

    In the many words he said, i did manage to pick out that just inside gate 8 is some parking (its kind of a scenic parking square area surrounded by foilage)...and down tin alley (as mentioned previously)

    SO, today i thought i would make a effort to find out more. Spoke to both student services and a parking officer at the boom gate into tin alley, and both parties told me they were not aware of any restrictions and i could park anywhere.
    (i'm assuming this is wrong or un-well educated information)

    Is there no real authority we can speak with to clarify this issue ?
  11. monash ftw park anywhere you want
  12. It depends on who you ask, some will say you can park anywhere, but then others are on a power trip. Did you actually ask the person in the boom gate, or press the button, usually on weekends it goes to security, and not to the parking officer.

    The one that got me was running around in a golf buggy, didn't like that I parked on the grass under the trees (pretty sure he didn't get the scooter that was parked in the push bike locks), but other times I have seen the officers walking around and asked them if I could park there and they didn't seem to care.