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Motorbike Pants

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jfiddy, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Hi guys!

    I'm new to the forum and bike scene so go easy on me...

    Is it worth getting bike pants? I was told to go for jeans or leathers with kevlar padding and will fit into my boots, but I tried on a pair of Alpinestars track pants that cost like $699 and they didn't feel as if they offered much or any protection.

    I see most bikers ride without any special pants and I'd rather spend more on a helmet and boots to be honest.

  2. First of all, screw what OTHER people do. Its YOUR skin, not theirs that your protecting.

    Secondly, Leather vs kevlar pants has been discussed a couple times that ive noticed but for the life of me i cant remember all the arguments for and against so i wont bother starting incase i get something wrong...so i'll wait for someone else to do that.

    But my point is, protecting yourself from as much as possible gives less chance for something wrong to happen or lessens the overall potential damage imo.

    EDIT: Oh and normal jeans do SQUAT. They are gone within microseconds and its all skin from then on.
  3. kevlar has no impact protection, unless you get armour with it. Leather has some impact protection without extra armour, though IIRC it wears in a slide quicker.
  4. Other way around.. leather >> kevlar in a slide.
  5. You need motorcycle pants. Whether they are leather, kevlar or cordura overpants is a personal decision.
  6. It depends on your needs. I have kevlar-lined jeans that I wear to protect my legs, and because they look like regular jeans I can wear them to work and out-and-about without the inconvenience of having to bring a spare pair of pants with me.

    They don't offer the best protection available, but they do offer protection (unlike regular jeans/pants) and they're very convenient. And when you're using a bike as transport (rather than just taking it for a ride) convenience is a major consideration.
  7. Depends on what you ride for.

    Summer commuting, kevlar leggings (like hose) or lined pants.

    All year commuting, overpants (ie, dririder) with armour, zipout liner (thermal/rain). cheap, too, less than $300 new.

    Spirited weekend only/hills rides, leather pants. Not as comfortable (dont breathe) but *the* best protection.

    Personally I have overpants for the 4 degree night/rain winter riding, and I'll be getting a pair of kevlar lined cargo's for summer.
  8. u say go easy on you but honestly, what a stupid question, get yourself a bmx bike, ride it as fast as you can down the road and jump off, whats going to happen? bye bye knees, bye bye skin, now do the same on a cycle at 100k's per hour??
  9. Leather is the best. After that, its all your opinion and what you can justify spending.

    For the "wrong" reasons, I don't have leather riding pants. I have Hornee jeans for the convenience (BTW, Draggin are better made). The risk I face with them is that they aren't zipped up to my leather jacket so there's the possibility of skin damage around my waist in a slide. I always wear articulated motox knee/shin pads/protectors underneath though for some impact protection.
  10. When I was doing my learners at HART I had a moment where I went off the course, only doing max of 10kms. Clipped a small tree branch.

    The jeans got ripped in 2 places and the branch actually dug into my inner thigh, heart like hell and took a couple weeks to heal. Hate to think what would happen if I was doing any real speed.

    I'm still speeding more time in a carpark than out of it, but even so I still wear the kevlar cargos. I actually bought a pair a size bigger than I needed so I can wear them over other pants.
  11. Shop around and you will be able to get the lot! I just picked up a brand new RST 2 piece race suit for $500. Which is less than I paid for my A*'s jacket alone.

    As you accumulate gear you will eventually have the right combination for all rides/conditions. So start with the basis and the most useful.
  12. But would you say that a $699 RRP would be irrational for a weekly commuter?

    I really like the look and the feel of the track pant but can't see why I'd spend so much.

    I notice that you can buy armour for your torso that should fit over whatever you're wearing, has anyone made a bottoms version?
  13. For a weekly commuter, it comes down to *your* budget, and what fits you.

    Theres no magic internet pill.

    Go try on all sorts of gear, find what you like, find what kind of compromise your willing to make about safety/vs comfort, then start shopping around for a price you can justify.
  14. I just got myself a pair of K-legs
    Not exactly the most comfortable things to have on but I've only worn them in the dressing room so I'ld imagine after wearing them a few times I'ld get used to them.
    For me this was the best option as I didn't like the cut on the Draggin jeans all to baggy for my liking and I couldn't buy anything that was suitable for work.
    With these you slip them on and wear whatever you like over them.
    Also you have Kevlar protecting the whole leg not just the main parts as the Kevlar jeans do.
    Similar price to the Draggin jeans but I can see these lasting a lot longer.
  15. price?
  16. Bikemart in Ringwood have them for $259 but you can get 10% of if you're a Netrider member.
    They'll probably give give you 10% off if you ask as they where going to take $20 of any Dragging jeans I bought before I even mentioned I was a Netrider member.

    I believe $259 is RRP so I would imagine most stores will knock something off if asked.
  17. expensive leathers like the a*s track pants are made from softer leather so they might feel like they give less protection than cheaper pants from stiffer leather but they are better and more comfortable. its what you pay the extra $300-$400 for.
    there are things like the ixon challenger pants that look OK or agv sport leather pants. (just bought leathers so i've been trying stuff on a lot).
  18. I have to say to the OP. Please whatever you do, protect your skin. Broken bones hurt like a bastard.

    But ask anyone who has had skin grafts and I think they will tell you they would rather broken bones any day.

    just my 2 cents.