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Motorbike or Motorcycle

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Zbike, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. Motorbike

  2. Motorcycle

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  3. who cares

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  1. When doing searches looking for bike related stuff do you search for motorbikes or motorcycles.

    If u seach for both put in the one u normaly type first.

    Which word is better and why

  2. If searching for general information, I put motorcycle, as that is the term the yanks generally use
  3. moatasickle
  4. its a frucken bike!
  5. motorbikes

    Because I can.
  6. Who cares!

  7. Motorcycle- because it seems to get more results. When searching google, ebay etc.
  8. hahaha, i hate when you tell people you have just gone for a ride, or that you ride a bike and they think you mean a push bike :LOL:
  9. for me its the opposite because most days im on the pushie and people always think im on the motorbike.
  10. Or if you say you "ride" and they assume you mean horses! :LOL: :roll: :LOL:

    I do motorbike before motorcycle... dunno why, that's just the way it is :grin:
  11. hmmm

    Motorbike or motorcycle?

    Well my Company Name uses Bike, as Cycle wouldnt sound right. but I prefer Motorcycle
  12. is it just me or does cycle tend to be more american,
    and bike be more britsh/australian?
  13. Same. why would i need to look at anything else
  14. It's a bike... those bloody pedal things are 'push bikes' :p
  15. Motorbike as there are less letters to punch in.
    But who cares really same thing comes up when you do the search.