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Motorbike or Motorcycle?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Unconnected, Apr 23, 2013.


Motorbike? Motorcycle?

Poll closed May 4, 2013.
  1. Motorcycle

    23 vote(s)
  2. Motorbike

    40 vote(s)
  1. For my own edification i am wondering which term people use to refer to their bike, bikes in general and so on. Is it a motorbike? or a motorcycle? Have you ever considered why you choose one term over the other?

    Personally i use motorcycle almost always because its sounds a bit more professional and correct.

    But im interested to see where others stand on the issue.
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  2. Generally "motorbike". It's what everyone around me called them when I was growing up.

    Sometimes "motorbicycle" when I'm feeling a bit silly.
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  3. Bike.

    My bicycle on the other hand is referred to as 'pushie' or 'bicycle' or 'the one which makes me sweat'.
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  4. Motorvelocipede
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  5. I tend to consider motorcycle to include scooters while motorbike doesn't.
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    Actually, now I think about it, it's probably motorbike more than motorcycle, but I prefer motorcycle.
  7. Usually just bike. But some unbelievers get confused and think I mean a pushie. Then I call it a motorbike.
  8. The thing.
    .........but it is a motorcycle
  9. Mo'bike (from 2 year old nephew)
    Motorsickle (thanks to Arlo Guthrie)
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  10. Bike for every day purpose.

    Motorcycles when searching the net.

    Motorbike when talking to my nephews.
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  11. Motorbike or the beast
  12. Bike or motorbike
  13. Motorbike but motorcycle sounds nicer. :)
  14. Just returning the "Old" you left on one of my posts a few days back, thought you might have lost it. :p
  15. Motorbike, the other one sounds gay.
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  16. I wear motorcycle boots and a motorcycle jacket, I ride a motorcycle. Motorbike boots sounds weird...
  17. I use both terms on the net.

    In everyday speech I use "bike" but I get weird looks when I mention that I'm riding the bike to Adelaide e.g. Adding "it's got a motor" after that puzzled look makes then understand a little better.
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  18. I use both.
  19. I wandered into work the other day, pulled off the helmet, then asked a bloke I know rides a treadly if he rode his bike in today and he looked all puzzled and said, "But I don't have a bike." Er... yeah mate, you do, it's just not a proper one. Ohhhh, right.