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Motorbike noob!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Su8tle, May 28, 2013.

  1. Hello all, Ryan here. Just turned 30 and decided to do something i've always wanted to do but never got around to. Learning how to ride a motorbike! Always loved bikes, particularly fast japanese sport bikes, but never had the courage to learn how to ride one. My b'day later this year and the Mrs is booking me in for a 2 day course where I come out at the end with my L's. Im so excited, yet I know nothing about motorbikes really. Rode BMX through my teens but went straight to cars when I hit 18.

    Im pretty anal retentive and get huge buyers remorse so I research the crap out of everything before I buy so be prepared for a tonne of questions (sorry, its just the way I am).

    Can someone direct me to the best sub forum to start asking about LAMS 250's and buying your first set of protective gear?

  2. Welcome to the forum mate, you dirty Inquisitor bastard :p

    Make sure you do a lot of searching about this forum, every question you have will have been answered about a million times before. Try New Riders and Riding Tips, as well as Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts
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  3. Oh shit, they're onto me already! ;)
  4. Hey mate,

    Welcome to netrider and the beautiful, amazing world of motorcycle riding. It will free your mind and move your soul like no other transport can. As mentioned previously, have a good read of the beginers forums for heaps of info.

    Me personally, I went with a Honda VTR250 for my first bike. It is the business. Only been riding 2 months and I can't get out of the seat. Also, don't cheap out on your gear ... helmet, pants, jacket, gloves, boots should set you back around $1,000-$1500 for quality gear. Remember, your gear is your seatbelt + airbag etc... DONT CHEAP OUT ON IT! .. If you can't afford the gear, you cant afford the bike!

    Glad you've got the 2 day course too .. it's very beneficial and will teach you all the basics to get you ready for the road. The rest, as they say, is practice practice practice. Above all... enjoy and be safe!

  5. Welcome, left glove on first.
  6. Well if you jokers wanna go unnoticed leave the big scary coats and bodyguards at home!
  7. Thanks mate for the info mate, wanting to go down the super sport bike route so ill be looking into the usual suspects for a first bike. Ninja 250R, CBR250R, etc. As for the gear, ill be planning to spend around $1K.
  8. Have you had a look at the new CBR500 range? 250 can be a bit limiting for some

  9. I keep getting told that (i.e. 250 too small). Im 30, married and a dad of 2 girls, i dont want to be hopping on anything i can make a mess of myself to begin with. I'm only 5"7 and 72kg too, id make a lawnmower look big.
  10. welcome aboard mate research research research like Gurbachen said check the other forums.

    Just watch out for those lefties from the LGF.
  11. Hey mate,
    Welcome to Netrider!
    I think the Ninja 300 should be good for you if you are looking for something sporty, i think there are some discussions on that bike in the New Riders and Riding Tips section.

    Good luck and have fun riding!
  12. It really depends on your expectations. A 250 will have no problem keeping up with traffic, it will beat most cars off the line in the real world (up to 60 km/h-ish anyway), but will start to run out of steam for overtaking on rural highways.

    For specific model recommendations, you'd have to tell us your budget and your preference for new/used. One of the mods will probably be along shortly and tell you to start a new thread in the Bike Reviews/Suggestions section for that anyway...
  13. 5'7"and 72,there is a large range of scooters you could look at.
  14. Casey Stoner, 170 cm, 60kg mmmm
  15. Hi Ryan
    from Broadford; now there's a location with some motorcycling heritage. Maybe it has seeped into the local water supply.

    You mentioned the CBR250R. If you have had nothing to do with motorbikes at all, I do recommend trying out one of these for a first bike. After some time, if you are still enthused, upgrading to a more expensive bike will reward you with better suspension, and of course more power.
    Remembering of course paraphrasing the StarTrek meme, with 'more' power come 'more' responsibility!
    Best of luck getting your 'L's man. :)
  16. Uhh Star Trek? With great power comes great responsibility is from Spiderman. Maybe there's some parody of it but google image doesn't come up with anything for your quote...
  17. Google !
    Give me a break.
  18. You prefer Yahoo! or fcukin' Bing? Or just being a useless dick as usual?
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  19. If you want a sport bike forget the Ninja 250 and CBR250R and look into the CBR250RR, ZXR250, FZR250 and maybe the new Ninja 300 if you have to have something new. I know a guy selling a fully restored CBR250R MC19 at a fair price if you're interested
  20. knew i had this wierd tingle in my loins for a reason....a new aspiring rider is looking for bike advice on netrider

    BUY A fcukING ZXR AND THRASH THE fcuk OUT OF IT ...kawasaki's are better anyway.

    don't get sucked into the fcuking atgatt bullshit....wear whatever gear you feel comfortable in - if it's a boiling hot day - sure you might get road rash not wearing a jacket but what if you pass out from heatstroke from wearing the jacket that's meant to protect you?

    oh and ignore blabbs - he's a filthy whore ....my mother trained him....so he's plenty filthy and probably disease ridden too....i'd say keep your distance....wait...crabs can't jump far can they?
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