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Motorbike mechanics in Melb CBD

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by PilgriM, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. A co-worker of mine is looking for a good motorcycle mechanic shop in the Melbourne CBD, currently he is taking his bike to Seaford, he lives in Melton so that involves some serious travel time.

    He had a bad experience with the Honda dealer out his way, they took over 2 months too fix his bike after he threw it down the Westgate fway, it was only really fairing & cosmetic damage.

    They took ages to order to parts & proceeded to not order the right bits the first time around, this along with a continual in-ability to contact him when they said they would has ended their chances of getting his business, considering he does over 500ks a week he probably squeezes in 4 services per year minimum...

    The bike involved is a Honda NT700V, I think it has about 5-6k on the clock..

    Odviously PS is out of the question, not sure about the other bike shops down that way, do any of them have a workshop???
  2. It's not CBD but it is on the 112 tramline which stops almost directly opposite the workshop! http://www.everythingtwowheels.com.au/

    I work at the bottom of Queen Street so it's very convenient really.

    I highly recommend he try here :)
  3. My vote goes for E2W
    345 St Georges Road, Fitzroy North, Victoria 3068 03 9077 7312
  4. I take my bike to Peter Stevens in the city, in spite of the horror stories I've read on Netrider. It's the most convenient Honda service centre for me and so far I've been there 3 times. I've had good service and nothing to complain about. I've got no reason to be looking elsewhere, and I suspect if you have a newish Honda, you would have no problem either.

    There are always lots of other bikes there when I take mine for servicing as well, so I guess their riders are also satisfied or not on this forum.
  5. Another vote for everything 2 wheels.
  6. +1 but I only remember him as Pete the Pom...how times change.
  7. We've had the same experiences as you with PS in the city. The bike we take there was bought from them though and we have a warranty with them so that may make a difference.
  8. Thanks for the info guys, have passed on the name of e2w to my workmate, will see if he doesn't mind a the short tram ride...
  9. yup +1 vote for e2w - used to use PS all the time but was ridiculously expensive and they miss things even when you specifically told them about it.

    took my bike there last week, taking a mates bike there tonight to get serviced, sister and housemate will be taking their bikes there as well
  10. It seems like a strange decision to ignore the experiences of the 'whole' in favour of one's own alone. If you're competent to make that assessment then well and good but if not... :confused:
  11. I'm not sure if you mean me in your post, but to me it's not strange at all. Even if E2W is a Honda dealer (are they?), they are east of the city and I want to go west. I can take my bike to PS and walk 5 min to a station (Melbourne Central) and soon be on a train to work in the west. If my bike was a new car, I'd take it to the dealer, because that's what I'm used to doing with new cars from experience with the last 9 cars I have had. Why wouldn't I take my new bike to a dealer? Perhaps if I'd made a lot of changes to it I wouldn't, but it is "stock standard", so I'm comfortable with my own experiences.
  12. Does anyone have contact details for Pete the Pom?
  13. I've never had a problem with City Yamaha. Yes I know it's Yamaha but they do service other bikes. They've always serviced my bikes well, provided RWCs with little fuss, and have worked with me on solutions to problems.
  14. Here you go
    Pete is ac great bloke but works by himself so leave a message if he does not answer.

    Used him for my first bike and would still if he did Italians.

    Cheers Jeremy
  15. Greetings fellow riders! My 2013 Ninja 300 is due for its 6000km service and was wondering if anyone knows a reputable place to get it serviced in Melbourne CBD or around South Melbourne?

    Not peter stevens of course :p

    Any input will be greatly appreciated! Many thanks! :)
  16. Have you seen George's place GV Automotive on city road?
  17. He used to service my bikes.

    Not bad. But don't get them to do anything too technical.

    Dave and Anthony at city Yamaha/Aprilia have been looking after me for the last year.

    Convenient CBD location, reasonable/competitive prices. They've sorted out some pretty difficult issues for me, even at no charge when repeat visits were in order.
  18. Thanks for the help boys! Yruly appreciate it! Yes I do know George but have never been to them. Previous owner used to get the bike serviced at Peter Stevens in the city.

    I'll call up Yamaha and see how much they'll do it for.

    Any further input will be much appreciated! :)
  19. Good morning everyone.
    I just joined the community. Great stuff!!!
    On the way to work this morning, I found a big nail in my rear tyre.
    Is out there any mobile service to fix tire on the spot?
    Unfortunately, my tyres are not tubeless.