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motorbike maintenance

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by petrie13, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. Hey, does anyone know of a simple motorbike maintenance course anywhere? Something realllllly basic?

  2. You could pop down to Melbourne on the 29th for the spanner day in Ashburton
  3. Most local tafe/community colleges now run occasional night courses. Ask your local place when they're doing their next one.
  4. Would the small engine course be any good?
  5. if you could apply the principles of a mower engine to a bike engine then yes. how in depth do you want to go? everything on a normal bikes maintinance schedule from adjusting chain length all the way to valve clearance and carb sync is covered in depth on this forum, you just got to use the search fxn and have some patience, some of it is buried pretty well.
  6. Small engine course will teach you how to rebuild a small engine if you want to get started on being a mechanic. You'd be better off looking for something like "introduction to motorcycle ownership and maintenance" so you don't learn about engine valves, and con-rods, but you do learn about tire pressures, adjusting the chain, checking/changing the oil etc.
  7. Do spanner days happen often? If so where am I likely to find them in Brisbane?
  8. Dang it. Hopefully there'll be another one soon then aye?
  9. Little too far south for my liking, but thanks anway
  10. Sorry for the hijacking.........but I changed my oil today for the first time....pretty painless. New oil filter in the next service.

    Cleaning and lubing the chain next week (ran out of time today). Follow the user manual and get some experienced advice and you'll be right.

    I got so much pleasure servicing my bike.....very therapeutic (keeps the wife out of my ear ha!) :LOL:
  11. For the Brisbanenites
    Once in a while i think there is a spanner day at Dirty Trix's
  12. There is a motorcycle maintenance course ($320) coming up at Kangan Tafe in Coburg - has anyone done this course before? does anyone know how in-depth it is? or simply, whether it's worth it?
  13. I can do oil/filter changes, lube the chain, brake fluid, tyres etc. General stuff I can do. And I agree cleaning the bike is very satisfying. Just the other week I spent 6 hours shining her up.

    I'm just wanting to know more about how the bike works and what are some things that should be looked out for - things that don't get much attention but should.