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Motorbike Mags… Why F#$king Bother?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by FALCON-LORD, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. I have had 12 months of Two Wheels, and 6 Months of rapid Subscriptions, And I am stumped as to what I gain from them…
    I will grant rapid has there focus on Custom bikes so you get a look at some pretty tricked bikes, but for me I look at em and Just go “Meh†I mean they are all straight line muscles machines, or Blinged up Show ponies, but rarely anything that peaks my interest.
    So when this months rapid has an RSV4 on the cover, I sit up and pay attention…
    Then I open it up and get 6 little paragraphs, and a spec sheet along with the same file pictures that have been circulating the internet for over a month now.
    So I ask the question???
    Why bother.

  2. i think with this monster called the internet, some of the stuff in magazines is now secondhand information as you can get it quicker online.. but one thing i do find is that by reading reviews by the same people, i can compare their opinion on a bike, with their opinion on another bike and see which one i think would suit me better. also, i can take a magazine on a train. i dont have wireless interweb to access the net away from home.
  3. i guess there for people who don't have internet connections?

    It's a real shame, there are plenty of things bike mags could do, that would be useful, spanner and tech articles, good rides and tours, interviews, explaining racing techniques etc. Mostly stuff that the internet doesn't really offer. Or they could have more of an internet presence like MCN.

    but sticking to bike reviews and news is not a winner, they are always going to be behind.
  4. The internet certainly brings us news, views and up-to-date stuff.

    But I've yet to find anything on the 'Net that matches the depth of analysis and interest that I get every month in BIKe magazine.....

  5. I have been buying Two Wheels since 1976, and have kept them all. It is good to go back in time, sometimes. The internet won't always let me do that.
  6. I like to read on the dunny, and even if we had a lappy, I don't think I'd be allowed :oops:

    I remember when the idea of "digital books" had people predicting the end of the paper novel or mag. I think there's something much more satisfying and tactile about holding/folding a magazine or book, rather than sitting at a desk or on a lappy.

    As for actual content, I'd have to agree though: "why bother?"
  7. I get AMCN, but I only read it for Gassit.

    Did anyone buy ACP's Legends mag?
    Coz that is a farking outstanding rag. It even comes with a T-shirt! I was skeptical at first, until I saw the photo of that dirt-bike stunting on a sand-bar out to sea with the Gold-Coast city skyline in the background... corr!
  8. ..... especially when he wants dig up ancient articles about Netriders who once had hair and rode Kawasakis :LOL:
  9. Did well there, didn't I?
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  11. Since getting into bikes I started buying a few mags like Two Wheels and Rapid, but stopped reading Rapid because of the things you mentioned FL.

    I've been getting copies of Bike and TWO (both UK mags) for last couple of months and I find I get something out of those because of the little extras like riding coaching, touring articles combined with new bike reviews and good special features that make for interesting reading, as well as maintenance articles and long-term reviews. Two Wheel's write in similar ways to these two UK mags, so that's probably why I favour it over Rapid.

    Mags write in a very specific style for their intended audience, it's like Wheels and Motor for cars. Wheel's is more upmarket while Motor write for more performance oriented drivers. Rapid goes down that custom/drag bike theme with their product, while Two Wheels are more rounded in their approach.

    But with the internet it's very easy to get this information about new bikes a lot easier and without the outlay for the new edition of the magazine, so the little extras you get in these mags are the real reason we buy these things right?
  12. err, yes, Rog, you did :LOL:
  13. Thanx Brother Joel. That was an interesting link. I didn't see any old bike mags though. It seemed to be more contemporary.
  14. . . . goes hand in hand with his Penthouse mags ! :grin:

    You know the internet caters for that now too Rog !
  15. Oh Micky........... I don't have pulley books. I am an old man, remember.
  16. You are obviously not married, any more than two mags on the loo floor and they go in the bin at my place. :LOL: :cry:
  17. I don't live at your place.
  18. Tell me, after reading two wheels for so many years have you been able to work out what the hell Smith is saying, because he has me stumped on many occasions.
  19. Yeah, of course. Peter Smith has been a friend for many years now. If you met him, you would understand. He is not like anyone else.
  20. I gotta say I'm a bit of a fan of AMCN [Aust. Motorcycle News]. Good spread of reviews, generally a tech segment, and some coverage of issues/events etc in the community. Oh, and Ktulu - call on Gassit...best comic strip ever!

    Anyone catch Aprils edition? It was a cracker...head-to-head cruiser comparo, 1098R write-up, GSXR750 & CBR600RR reviews, plus a TMax [big scooter] review and in-depth spot on the Carberry Enfield [new 1L V-Twin incarnation of the Enfield]. My point is its a mag thats up there for me in terms of reading, especially if you're not just looking at race reps and speed-machines.

    As for the Wheels v Motor comparo...don't get me started. I find the latter to be a bit crude, the sort of reviews that reads "Yeah we fanged it 'n' did a burnout, it was bloody great!". No offence to Motor readers, but its just not my cup of tea. Maybe I got a bad few issues, I dunno, to each their own.

    Cheers - boingk