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Motorbike magazines

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 99sydrd, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. Someone please give me the heads up on what road motorbike magazines are worth the money , at around $10 each i want to make sure it's worth it.Does'nt just have to be aussie mags.
    Any help appreciated. The torque mag is good value cos its free and has some good informative reviews on bikes.

    I will be visiting a paper shop real soon.

  2. Newsagents are temporary libraries ;)

    Just drop in, poke around into a few different mags and see which best suits your style/needs.

    Personally I like Two Wheels. It's pretty thick, has loads of articles and even the ads have useful accessories etc.
  3. I only buy two

    Australian Motorcycle News (Australian Mag)
    Released every two weeks

    Two Wheels (Australian mag)
    Released every month
  4. It's more a question of what you are after exactly.
    What do you want out of the magazine?
    Australian road rider is my favourite as it is based more on touring rather than motorsport.
  5. Depends what you want. If you want a bit of everything, AMCN or Two Wheels are good. I like Rapid myself.
  6. Australia:
    - AMCN's fairly good, and the most likely to be up to date on stuff.
    - Two Wheels is ok, although it dreams of more nostalgic times.
    - Rapid is by knuckleheads for knuckleheads, but often features good customs.
    - Motorcycle Trader is very average, but contains lots of "hmmm, if I had 5 grand" fantasy options. Keep it next to the shitter, if nothing else, those black and white pages can be handy when the roll's running low.
    - Australian Roadrider is ok if you like the Bear's granny-focused delivery, and it's one of the few Aussie mags that give you good touring route ideas.

    - T.W.O. and BIKE from the UK are both excellent. I don't begrudge the high import prices.
    - Fast Bikes is brilliant when Jamie Wilkins is writing, and pretty crap when he's not. Last I heard he had a broken neck and was on holiday.
    - RiDE is crap, but they do a shitload of rider surveys that can be interesting.

    Anything from the USA is a load of shit. Do not let yourself be tricked into paying for a yank mag.
  7. Roadrider is great. {except they don't remind you of when your subscription is going to lapse, and mine now has.....}

    Old Bike Australasia is terrific too, but I suspect that's not the sort of mag you are after.

    My favourite two are BIKE, the UK magazine, great value at $12.95, and Cycle Torque, even better value at 0c :LOL:.
  8. This year I have a subscription to "Two Wheels" and yeah it is O.K. but I am lucky to get excited about one article per issue.
    I get more excited by reading www.thebikergene.com
    Is there something I am missing, or are mags just not my thing?
  9. mm, like that bikergene site. I wonder if paper bike magazines will go the way of others; PC World Magazine has ceased publication, and is now only available on-line. They even refunded me the unused part of my subscription :shock:.
  10. What about that free one you get at the bike shops? Cycle Torque? :p
  11. AMCN, but DO NOT subscribe!

    Fortnightly mag, doesn't get delivered sometimes until 6days after it hits the shops :evil: Next year I will just go back to making my bi-weekly trip to the newsagent.
  12. Worth every cent! :LOL:
  13. Three posts up :wink:.
  14. I like AMCN. Even more so because I normally pay for it exactly what most people would pay for Cycle Torque :p
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    That lowside save on the knee and elbow is NUTS! :shock:

  16. umm .... I don't buy any :oops:
    I guess I should eh.. I'd like something with riding tips and advice, as well as the scoop on up and coming bikes, reviews etc ...
    AMCN ???
  17. I get Australian Motor Cycle News , if you want , can give you a couple of recent issues to look at , probably not far from you if you want to collect.
  18. imho

    The Oz mags tend to forget to be entertaining

    they seem to stare 2 inches from a technical detail muttering darkly.

    The Brit mags at least have a larf, show us some naughty lady lumps and remind us what's fab about biking.

    but then, i'm biased... :)

    Superbike / Bike and Performance Bike (once it's dropped to a reasonable price) for the win!
  19. I think that AMCN is the best aussie mag - and it comes out fortnightly so you are not reading about a race you watched on tv over a month ago. It's just a shame that there is not many direct comparisons written up.

    I also like to read the British make BiKE. Reasonable writing, direct comparisons and fantastic photos. Worth the extra cash.
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    I have absolutly no idea how this relates to my previos post... But OMFG [​IMG] what a save