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Motorbike Lockup/shed/err?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by MadAzz300, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. Hoping this is the right place to post my query...

    We only have a single garage that is mostly filled with a project car and tools. At the moment, our bikes fit in, only because of the (small) size of my MadAss.
    I will be upgrading to either an ER5 or (fingers crossed) an ER6-nL - but the biggest issue stopping me is space, or lack there of.

    I looked around the world wide web, and got a few ideas, but can't seem to find anything suitable for sale in Aus..

    this would be ideal (but in the UK)

    I rent - so I cannot fix anything to the property (might be able to get away with dynabolts on the driveway) a garden shed is easily broken into..

    any thoughts? :coffee:
  2. Something like that would be awesome, I could put it in the corner of my front yard and just lock the balls out of it

    :edit: Someone on here was selling this funky semi-circular lock up cage thingamajig, it'll be in the classifieds somewhere
  3. Could be worth investigating some auction sites. Slightly bent and no longer structuraly sound shipping containers probably just get snapped up by scrap metal dealers.

    Lets face it, you don't need something that can withstand another 400 tonnes stacked on top of it.
  4. Have you considered one of the sturdier garden shed kits?
  5. I too would like a small storage shed suitable to roll one or two bikes into.
    The ones that Bunnings and similar places stock come in the right size and shape, but they always have doors on the long side. This would be too hard to get a bike in and out of. We need a variant with a door (maybe even a roller door) on the short side so the bike can be backed straight in, just like in the UK picture you showed above.
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  6. That green UK rig looks fantastic. Room enough for a tinker even, perhaps.
    Good choice of ride btw - would love an ER6 myself.
  7. I work in the shipping/receiving area of my warehouse - I'll inquire with our transport companies tomorrow about containers - thanks @cjvfr (I'll also post if they actually have ones for sale and the $$ involved...) I just put an inquiry through for the shade shed - see what happens...

    @Viscera99, we do need something to withstand the arseholes trying to steal bikes in our area tho... the stronger and more lock-up-able, the better :)

    Thanks @Gurbachen.. I'd like something covered - the listed cage sounds like it's open (for some reason I'm picturing lions right now...)

    @109er and @pwbike we had a look at the sheds in Bunnings and thought good quality tin snips would be able to cut into them.. we have some at work sold by one of the brands that snip 5mm steel straps like butter...

    (y) for both :) .. I sat on an ER6-nL and that's it - instant love... will have to book a test ride soon and see if it's one of those "I love you, but I'm just not in love with you" scenarios lol...
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  8. @SydMadAss125 If you scroll down the thread, you'll see the pictures. The top half is roofed. How waterproof it is I have no idea. Just another option :)
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  9. My work has been regularly selling old 20ft containers for about the last 12 months as they are replacing all their old ones. About $1000 each they have been going for, add a couple of hundred for transportation and about $400 to sheet the roof (some are sheeted some aren't) that we sell and they will be waterproof for life.

    So all up you are looking at about $1500 for a second hand container. Bare in mind though with a container not only will you need to have the space but you will probably need a ramp as well.

    I can let you know if you like when they are selling their next one. (they sell them when they come available which could be in a weeks time to 6 months time).
  10. What's wrong with putting it in the lounge room?

  11. Simplest solution - get rid of the car :p
    It and the tools are probably more likely to attract thieves than an ER-6 anyway.
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    @gsxrjames - that would be a great idea if I could fit a bike through the back gate - but my MadAss just scapes thru (note to self: must replace mirrors before selling) thanks for the link tho - if we can ever con the landlady into opening up the other side of the fence and put a gate in, then that's definately the go.

    Thanks @davidp1984 -I'm not sure if the landlady will approve a 20' container on the property - but we might get the nod for a 10'.. if your work every comes accross one of those, please let me know (y)

    believe me, if I could I would! But alas, we are cursed with many stairs - and I would die of a heart attack pushing an ER6-nL or ER5 up stairs before I even had experienced the joy of riding it...

    Well, if anyone wants a million dollar business idea - motorcycle specific sheds (like the one in the pic from the UK) seem to be the go.

    @jd - if the car was anything but a 1969 LC Torana coupe - it'd be gone in no time flat :devil: ... as for the tools.. well, they're pretty much what keeps the lad out of trouble..
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    I'd go with a Garden Shed and use additional security - alarm system maybe on both the Bike and the Shed if you can get power to the shed.


    No idea on cost for this one.
  14. Thanks for the link - I'll check it out, get a price and go from there.. hopefully they have someone selling these in NSW since they're based out of QLD.. I'll post here when I get the cost..