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Motorbike lessons NSW???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by honeybeesweet, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. hi all!! i am interested in getting my motorbike licence but i do not know where to go... can someone please advise me... website, phone number, name... anything would be a great help xxx i live in the northen suburbs of sydney NSW but willing to travel if need be xxx thanks heaps xxx

  2. Just call the RTA, you'll do a learners course which starts off -veeeery- basic :grin:
  3. Thank you xxx

    i didn't realise you go through the RTA... i probably should have check there first... thanks heaps for that xxx
  4. Thank you everyone xxx

    YEY!! I'm booked into a pre-learner course... not till June though... they are really booked out!! I guess everyone wants to learn to ride xxx Thanks for all your help xxx
  5. hahahaha congrats!!! not till june? that's pretty early, i had to wait 4 months for mine
  6. 4 Months!! Thats crazy!!

    wow! i thought 2 months was far away... it would have drove me nuts to have to wait 4 months!! I can't wait xxx
  7. If you don't want to wait, you can try ringing every few days to see if spots come up from cancellations. I ended up in Campbelltown :shock: as they had a 'next weekend' spot open. The instructors were from 'Ride It Right', they made it fun, and I think you'll enjoy the course if you've never ridden before.
  8. +1 u can book it in within weeks if u dont care where u go and whne u do it, checkthe avalibility of other suburbs
  9. That's a good idea... i'll do that!! thanks heaps... id love to get it done asap so i can start riding.... ive always been a backseat rider and i love it but i want to take control and really have some fun xxx
  10. If thats you in your avatar image...................I'm available to teach you anything you want!!!!! :rofl: :rofl: :bolt:
  11. Check the Central Coast, at Wheels Skills behind Woodys motorcycles. You might have a little more luck there, otherwise just keep ringing up for an availabilty to come up, you never know your luck :wink:
  12. Wheels skills?? that sounds good! is it for beginners or people with experince?
  13. i have to go on record in saying that i am very distracted by you avitar... do you have any more?

    as for lessons.. stay upright do classes i think.. i dunno i keep looking over < there :wink:

    ( balls vs brains... only one rules at a time)
  14. The Wheels skills is the learner course, it is sooo easy. They cater for people who dont know anything about a motorbike, you also get your L's from doing the course.
    Its set out really well and the instructor at the Central Coast is great.
  15. wow... that sounds great!! I'll check them out for sure xxx thanks xxx
  16. i tried looking up 'wheels skills' but can't seem to find a number or webpage for them... would you happen to know how i can contact them??
  17. I'm not sure if you can book directly through Wheels Skills, i booked mine through the RTA and thats where the closest place was before i moved to the sticks :grin:
  18. okay! thanks heaps xxx everyone is so helpful here xxx
  19. Any ideas for what bike your going to get?