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motorbike keys - do you add them to your keyring

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by zilly, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. Just a question that has been interfering with my thoughts

    do you add your motorbike keys to your giant keyring of everything?
    ie giant keyring has house keys, car keys, push bike lock, etc

    Or do you keep your keys separate?

    I am just curious as I have always put all my keys together (although I do not have a car with central locking so its a single key and not the huge thingy that goes with it)

    Do you combine your motorbike keys on the same ring (if you have more than one motorbike)

  2. Bike key is attached to a little clippy thing. The key stays with me most of the time. I don't put it with the other keys as I don't want to overly scratch the triple clamp, also it's annoying on a bumpy road hears the keys constantly chatter.
  3. Is the bit around the ignition on your bike painted?
    If so it soon won't be if you hang a bunch of keys from the bike key ;).
  4. I have all my keys on a clip and remove the bike key when I need to use it.
  5. I have my bike key separate and always keep it in a certain pocket in my jacket so I know where it is when not on the bike. Don't want keys hanging over any part surrounding the ignition, scratching it up. Plus the extra weight might pull on the ignition, causing damage inside.
  6. I keep two seperate sets, mainly because if i lose one set i'll still have something to drive / ride :LOL:
  7. I have my bike key separate. Car key is separate too. House key is with work keys. I dont like a big bunch of keys flogging out ignition locks.
  8. I keep mine separate on a keyring with my disc lock/chain keys, and keep them in my kevlar pants so I always know where they are. (+ spare set in a drawer at home)

    My car/house keys are way too big and would probably hit the ground when I went around a corner if I kept my bike keys on the same chain :grin:
  9. My bike key is seperate with a soft rubber key tag... having a big bunch of keys flinging around in the wind is a good way to scratch the area around the key hole (even if it isn't painted).
  10. I keep all of my keys separate: house, work, car, bike.

    I have separate keys for my ignition and fuel tank / seat / helmet locks and even keep them on separate keyrings; The ignition key has it's own soft rubber key tag, while the other is on a keyring with my disc lock key and a plastic snap container for my ear plugs.
  11. ok hear is where i part my little bit of usually useless knowledge

    be it car keys, or bike keys never have multiple keys on the same key ring, if yor going to be hanging it off an ignition, this is how ignitions become worn, a(making it possible to work with multiple different keys or will absolutely shag the insides til you can't turn it at all)

    if you must, a car or bike key with a house key only, especially with bikes and cars having transponder systems these days, a new ignition can cost well over $1000
  12. +1 Not to meantion if you go over a decent enough bump with a heavy bunch of keys attached to your bike key, there is a chance of the bike key jumping out of the ignition ... then there goes the LOT ! :shock: :shock:
  13. I keep my bike key seperate to other keys. Still,, I have 4 keys on my bike key ring.. (My bike,my disc lock, other bikes key and another disc lock)

    I also have a spare set of keys in my rinding jacket somewhere(only my bikes keys though)... This is so just incase I lock my set of keys in my glove box... :LOL:
  14. if your keys can be pulled out of the ignition in the on postion, i suggest you go purchase a new ignition plug, yours is rooted, grab a key for another hornet, there is a 90% chance the other keys will work
  15. Bike key stays by itself on a rubber keyring for me ! ! !
  16. Exactly, i always do the same routine every day, put the key in the same pocket and pat the pocket as i walk away. Also a big lot of keys makes alot of noise :cry:

  17. Take it from someone who used to work in the field, if you have
    a lot of keys on your keyring you will eventually (or quickly)
    - wear out the ignition and it won't turn on, or
    - your keys will fall out and you'll lose them, or
    - your ignition key will break off and you'll lose them.

    I've sold quite a few ignitions and replacement keys that way.
    Some brands survive longer than others but it's never good.

    My bike keyring has only the bike key and a rubber tag.
    My other bike keyring has only the bike key and the panniers key.
    My car keyring has only the car key, car remote, and the house key.

    Or you could get a quick-unclip keyring for all of them and unclip
    the ignition key when you use it...
  18. same here. a belt clip with a 'quick release' function. house, work, bike igniotion, disk lock all in the same clip... just take the one that is needed.
  19. as I have an exceptional gift of losing keys, I have single bike keys on no keyrings scattered all over the house. Then when I'm leaving for a ride I can have a quick scan of the room and I'm bound to spot one. :LOL:

    You think I'm joking, but I aint... :oops: