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Motorbike hire in China?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Roarin, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. Has anyone here had any experience in regards to renting/hiring a bike in China? What type/size bikes are available & how much? Any ideas? :) :)

  2. Here you are, just contact one of Peaches relatives for the rates.
  3. PS Does anyone know if helmets are compulsory there? I really hope they aren't :) :)
  4. We have a few ex pat chinese in our tech support phone centre at work, will ask for you tomorow Andy :)
  5. Hahaha pro pilot I may be Chinese but I'm not from China :LOL:

    Awesome looking steed that guy's riding though!
  6. Apparently yes it is compulsory for helmets. As for hire, they couldnt really answer and had the usual :shock: OMG its so dangerous to ride a bike, dont ride in china. Have to wait till you get there, suck it and see.
  7. I was just over there and can honestly say that in some of the busier areas, you wouldn't want to ride. Unless you're brought up with the way the traffic works it can be pretty f*kin scary and the pollution can be horrendous in the industrial/city areas.. In some areas, motorbikes are banned because of high bag snatching figures etc.. If you do ride, I would DEFINITELY be wearing a helmet..

    Hardly any bikes over 250cc they're mostly 125's from what I saw..

    Best of luck.
  8. ^^+1

    I know a few people that went over to mainland China for work and they said driving (cages), especialy in cities was crazy, felt like they were about to crash a good 80% of the time. Mind you, they were accountants. I would seriously wear a helmet if you HAD to ride, although it may be a bit safer in rural/less busy areas.
  9. double post.