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Motorbike GPS

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by ngalbrai, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Anyone here got any experience of, or recommendations for, motorbike specific GPS systems?

    Have read a few reviews but nothing conclusive and also no longer term tests.
  2. get a piece of velcro and whack the iPhone on it.

    lasts about 3 hours with the display on, all day with it off.

    I use motionx-gps, which does twitter location updates every 5 minutes if you wanna let others know where you crashed and died off the side of putty road.
  3. I've done this and the 12V socket on my cb400. I should probably document it some day.

    What I ended up getting was an aqua box which can hold phone, GPS etc and mounting my car GPS in it. It is waterproof and gives me amny more options. I have used it in the rain many times - sometimes pouring with no issues.

    Mounts to the handlebars nicely. http://www.ja-gps.com.au/RAM/ram-hol-aq6u/

    When I was up in sydney I got it through them and they were good :)
  4. im sure a bento box would work just as well :p
  5. HAHAH i would never have thought of this! *Buys velcro ASAP*
  6. I wanna see photos and words :)
  7. I've gone iPhone route.

    iPhone running TomTom in my pocket. Keyring external GPS unit, talking via Bluetooth to the iPhone. Ear buds.

    If I need extra charging
    • An external battery pack in my pocket/backpack/bum bag (if I'm on the sporty)
    • Or a USB charger I hooked up to the cruiser's battery.
  8. Agreed, except with the slight against Geelong.

    I can kind of understand the benefits of GPS in the city if you aren't sure of where you are going, or even out in the scrub where there aren't roads.
    But even then the GPS can get it wrong.

    I much prefer the old fashioned paper maps and on long trips you don't have to worry about the batteries running out.
  9. Bah! Technology for the win! Between my gps, and phone haven't had an issue with directions in years. GPS maps tend to be more updated than physical ones, if you choose to keep them up to date.

    I get why luddites choose not to use GPS - I just love my technology and choose to call everyone who doesn't use them old codgers or luddites :p Have more USB chargers than I can poke a stick at.

    To be fair, if someone gets themselves lost using mapping functions on a GPS - they have no chance with a map. If you can use a map - you won't get lost using a GPS. Its just a digital map with an input as to where you are constantly really.

    I have several good replies. None of them which wouldn't result in a slap though.
  10. To be fair, it's not the technology I object to. It's how the technology is used by road users.

    If there aren't enough distractions in a car already, people seem to think that by adding a GPS their life will be easier and less distracting than pulling over and checking a map.
  11. Yes, road users are always the issue. Now - to find a way to get the idiots off the road...

    Maybe that should be in the driving test? Ability to safely drive following directions on a GPS? j/k
  12. Between an old street directory and my head I can make the same statement.
  13. Some of us didn't grow up in the city we are in remember...

    Same statement - yes which is the point I'm making. Dumb riders/drivers is the issue.
  14. I wish I could say the same, but my navigator (wife) has the sense of direction of a 2 yr old. I find it much easier, read less likely to result in an arguement, if I pullover and re-read the map.
  15. My wife isn't my street directory. She does have the same problem as yours though.
  16. Actually last time we went to Melbourne I ended up throwing threw the map into the back seat and went of my memory and sense of direction. Damn when did they put in all those other hook turns and I don't seem to remember there being so many one way streets in the CBD.
  17. They can indeed suck. Why they don't just change the lights to let the trams through by themselves has me fucked.