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Motorbike going 235 through Coldstream..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DKBenno, Apr 13, 2009.

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  1. 2000 model R1? Nice.

    Pity he got caught. Silly thing to do on easter, cops are out like flys to a pigs carcass.
  2. What do you mean pity he got caught?? Are you for real? Its dickheads like him that make you look like hoon on your bike regardless of how law abiding you are.

    Easter weekend, school holidays, public holiday today....pick your farkin time and place. Dickhead. Glad he's off the road.
  3. :shock:
    We were driving home from Eildon this morning, and come across this bike with the cop in HOT pursuit.
    Was thinking then, .. fcuk !!! they are FLYING! .. that guy is gonna get reamed!
  4. Double Demerit points are a wank.

    NSW has them and their Easter road toll stands at 5.

    Victoria doesn't have them and our road toll stands at ONE.

    Cops and their bullshit!!!!!!!!!!
  5. +1
  6. We have double demit points during these times too. ;)
  7. +1 Amen to that mate!
  8. Am I missing something here? Victoria doesn't have double demerit points....
  9. Yeah you're missing something...we've had double demit points during holiday and peak season time for many years now. Clearly you've been a well behaved boy like me! Haha! :grin:

    PS. Don't you just love the state governments shifty ways of implementing legislation n neglecting to inform the public, who they subsequently bend-over and shaft for profit *ahem safety*? :p
  10. No we don't. Police are pushing for it, though.

    But Vic's right. It's a load of wank.

    Now, how's this? They've pinged drivers for over 8,500 offences yet only one person has died.

    What does this tell you, other than the cops pinging people for minor offences. I hope that they release the stats, the raw data for all the offences, including what speeds drivers are being pinged for.

    There's also the issue of equipment reliability. How many drivers have been pinged for doing x kays over when they were travelling at lower speeds, or not even speeding? You can't argue with the pricks as their gear is always right, so they keep drumming into us.

    It's just so insulting, the way that they keep harping on about the road toll and so on. How many other countries place such a high priority on it to the detriment of more pressing issues?
  11. So how is speed now a legitimate excuse for draconian laws.
    With all the people around Aus being busted left right and centre, with the lowest road count for a very long time :roll:

    This article serves to debunk the speed kills mantra.


    But let not evidence get in the way of servitude of the state :roll:
  12. I disagree as I had my ass nailed to the wall many years ago for this very issue...it taught me a very harsh lesson points-wise, made me 'go before the man' and put me back to L-plates on the bike. ;) I'm happy to put my hand up and denounce that I was doing the wrong thing, but honestly...a day later and the penalty would have been halved.

    Despite that, I wholeheartedly agree with everything else you have written! I too would LOVE to see the stats also! Funny how over the long weekend, I drove from Melbourne to Ballarat, from Ballarat to the GOR the next day, from GOR to Ballarat then to Melbourne, and not ONCE did I see a police vehicle, RBT or speed camera (yes my eyes were peeled)...which begs the question, where were they targeting and why? :grin:
  13. with the publicized HUGE police presence over this long weekend, i saw 2 cop cars, thats it. one between healesville and coldstream, and one out the front of my house pulling someone over. none on side of road, no cops on bikes, nothing, and i spent sat, sun, mon riding the spur. the area from lilydale to eildon is always full of cops due to the traffic, people speeding, especialy through spur, bikes and cars. it was all over the news cracking down bla bla, and i saw 2.
    did anyone actually see all these police that were apparently out in force other than the booze buses set up in city?
    also, it said he was doing 135km over, most of coldstream is 70-80km, not that 205km is a good idea either.
  14. +1 Some people like to learn the hard way
  15. However you lost your licence, you didn't lose it for double demerits for an offence committed in Victoria. Argue as much as you like, but they don't exist in Victoria.
  16. 8'ish years ago it did (perhaps it has changed since so I may be wrong??), but yes I lost my licence through youthful stupidity, speeding, and wrong place wrong time. No apologies...I did the crime n whoa did I do the time! :p I clearly remember such a life-impacting and humiliating situation, and have paperwork tucked away somewhere with the details, so trust me on this one. Besides, as was mentioned before, some people have to learn the hard way and I certainly did. It's made me a far more responsible rider and driver as a consequence, so I'm not bitter about it at all...:)
  17. We rode past this scene probably minutes before the photo in the article was taken. Didn't think much of it at the time, minding our own business we were... :wink:
  18. No one is denying that! But Victoria doesn't have double demerits! That's why the police want them, because they don't have them!
  19. Given that it is the POLICE that are asking for them, I highly doubt double demerits are in place. Its sad to see from the comments that people lap up the media's rubbish.
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