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Motorbike + girl (partner) = ???????

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tomek, May 16, 2006.

  1. Havn't bought my bike as of yet and havn't got a gf atm.. touch wood hehe ... :p
    Was just wondering how you guys go about riding and have a gf.. to put it more simple... do you ride with her or do you use public transport or maybe a cage? How do the parents feel towards you?

  2. They go on the back.
  3. My last girlfriend used to sit on the back. Unless it was raining, then we'd take the car.

    She hated bikes anyway so she'd complain if she got wet. She's such a girl. :LOL:
  4. Well, spend less time touching your "wood" and more time finding a gf and you'll be fine. :p :wink:
  5. lol.. smart ass

    touch wood as in having no gf to convince me to get a cage!
  6. Since I was a teenager (ahem, some time ago now I admit) I've only gone out with girls who liked bikes or had their own.

    Non biking women don't interest me.

    So to answer your question they either pillion or ride their own.

    My current girl friend only has a bike, so a car trip is not an issue.
    And I'd rather slash my wrists than use public transport!

    I could never be bothered wasting my time on non biking girls. They're so boring to start with.
  7. I don't think that's the most pressing concern.

    As shown here.
  8. It'll be a long time after you've got your bike before you'll be able to take a passenger anyway. Don't sweat it until it becomes a problem.

    And keep touchin' that wood, plenty of Netriders have made a career of it.
  9. My wife was a rider herself, so wasn't really an issue, except trying to sort out who went for a ride and who stayed at home looking after the rugrat. :D
  10. my lady is just on her car learners... so at the moment it's a case of, i pretty much have to teach her to drive! :p she says she doesn't want to go on the back of the bike (it's a while till she can anyway), but i'm sure in a eyars time she'll succumb to the pressure... plus she'll look totally sexy on a bike anyway

    the parentals are good with it... having relos riding bikes in their family, plus dad goes for the hawkers! what more could you ask for! hahaaaaaaaaaaaa!
  11. My girlfriend is accepting the bike, it's not like she can do anything about it anyway. She used to be scared of going on the back but now she likes it, just doesn't like the hills very much.

    She wasnt happy when she came out to a track day for the first time and I calmed her nerves about the whole 'track thing' by highsiding :LOL:

    She'll get over it :wink:
  12. Generally the choice of vehicle is decided upon a trip by trip basis......no sense in whipping out the crystal ball now when you have neither the choice between vehicles or a SO who could impose a choice for whatever reason.
  13. my gf loves sitting on the back. she has alot of fun but her parents hate me coming over with the bike. they said they better not catch her on the bike otherwise they'll kill me.
    btw chicks love guys with bikes. they so easy to talk to and easy to pick up with they see you on a bike. lol
  14. I'm LMAO, that may well be the funniest thing I've read on Netrider.
    Loz you're a gem. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Most girls, in a relationship with you or not, will love to go for a ride with you anytime you offer.
    Whether they're happy afterwards varies.
    You have to be very comfortable and confident with your bike to trust someone else's safety to it. You won't be doing it for a while.

    The type of bike you own is very important too. All the 250 race reps, CBR, ZXR etc... absolutely blow as pillion passengers. Really high, uncomfortable pads.
    I haven't ridden any, but I'm sure the 600's and 1000RR's are the same crap too.

    The weight distribution counts for a lot. Normally when you're riding your bike, the weight is carried low, and over the front wheel. Add a pillion to a CBR/ZXR, and suddenly 100+kg's are suspended over the back wheel, way up high, putting you off balance. I've found personally (as both a rider and passenger myself), a standard style bike like a CB250, with a lower seat height, manages the extra weight of a pillion much more safely and easily

    If you want to carry a pillion, a standard style, CB250, or cruiser, Virago etc..., despite their deficiences in power, will be much better, with cushier, lower seating, and stuff to hang onto.

    Personally, I'm getting close to end of my restrictions, and I've carried pillions on short trips. But because of the extreme race-rep position my bike puts me in, and the weird physics having a pillion on the back appiles, I don't think I'll be taking a pillion for a while. Doesn't feel safe. Least not till I can afford a Hinkley triumph Bonnie, or an XJR1300.
  16. This raises another interesting question.

    I can't seem to get either the girls I want in my life or the bikes.

    I've often fantasised about picking up a beautifull lady for a date on my shiny new bike.

    Funnily, these fantasies always involve bikes that aren't necessarily my favourite, but one's that just have a certain 'bling' factor.

    For example, you woundn't fantasize of picking up this girl on a GSXR1000 would you? It may be your dream bike, but it's not a good pillion transport, and it's a bit bland, being just another superbike.
    Conversly, you may hate Harley's, but who wouldn't kill to turn up on one on a first date?

    Personally, I've always fantasised about picking up a date on a Lime green ZRX1200. It's not even my favourite muscle bike (love XJR1300's), but its just got a certain something? It's just the toughest looking of all the naked bike's.
    I guess the big nakeds appeal, because they make me feel like a big man :p Getting all freudian...
  17. My ex hated bikes full stop... didn't want me to have one and stupid me being as whipped as I was chose the relationship over a bike... :oops:

    As soon as the relationship was over, I got my learners and bike and never looked back :grin: definitely learnt from that mistake and won't be putting off my happiness/dreams/desires for anyone ever again :tantrum:

  18. Motorbike +girl = realtion is expressed by this formula...

    GFW / 3= X hp
    MB hp - Xhp = SLW hp
    SLW hp / 20 = brownie points per km

    for example my gilrfriend:

    65kg / 3 = 21.67hp
    90hp - 21.67hp = 68.33
    68.33hp / 20 = 3.4 brownie points...

    Now this may sound good right? looking forard to getting something right?? I have yet to find any way of redeeming brownie points.... :cry:
  19. fcuk the restriction, if shes hot and willing, wip those L plates of and take her for a spin, just make sure you are a damn confident and skillful rider before hand!

    It may just be the best decision you make ;)
  20. 100+kgs? What kind of girl are you giving a ride to?! o_O

    Girlfriend is considering getting a bike or scooter. I'm definitely pushing her in the direction of a bike. Right now if we need to go anywhere she drives (no car license for me) or it's public transport. When I'm able to carry a pillion then I'm sure she will be extremely keen to hop on the back (not without full gear though, no short skirts there...have to splurge and buy her some arse-tight leathers :p).