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Motorbike gear coming back to ALDI 30th July!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by GnomeOomps, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. Good news people!

    The new catalogue has just come up online for ALDI, motorbike gear is on the charts!!! 30th of July.

    They even have a motorbike GPS this time for $199!

    Stuff is at the bottom.

    Fix up my spelling mistakes and add the URL. Bugger.
  2. Great news !!!
  3. Cool, I'm going to check out the boots, sox & gloves.
  4. Just bear in mind that distribution of the TOTAL number of products in this range is not uniform across all stores. You may well rock up at opening time and find there is only 1 GPS at your store, while another elsewhere may have 20.
  5. man...
    I want the gps, but can't afford it atm

    Damn gotta wait till next time
  6. the gps looks interesting. are they any good? :p
    as i just bought some leathers... some rain gear might not be a bad idea for them :LOL:
  7. im going to try and get the gps. even if its only 1/4 as good as the tom tom, its 1/5th the price.
  8. Dont worry about the boots toes to big to go under lever and they are murder on your ankles,i bought a set ages ago sold them on e-bay after the first ride
  9. The chains are good gear.
  10. All looks like cheap crap to me.
  11. That wasn't the case last time. I know people who bought most of the stuff, and the only complaint I HEARD was that the boots were stiff and insensitive.
  12. Excellent! We have two of the tank bags ,they are great.

    I've been lookin for a kidney belt, that'll do the trick.
  13. A workmate of mine bought the jacket last time, still uses it, says it is great.

    I will mostly be looking at the socks, as I have the rest of my gear, might take a look at the tank bag also.
  14. Great, but if its anything like my usual shopping when Aldi are involved I'll buy one glove there and have to go to Coles to get the other :LOL:
  15. I wonder if they will sell hyosungs?
  16. No most of their products are made in Germany
  17. Got myself a tank bag, bike cover and chain. All good stuff, and I bought them a few weeks after their last sale when they were reduced, no complaints from me.

    Not sure I'd go for their helmets though.
  18. I have a pair of their pants - use it for the daily commute - the only woe is the bootleg zips broke :( otherwise they're comfy, warm and haven't let any water in.

    I'll be getting a tank bag for sure.
  19. why not just get soem explorer sox?