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Motorbike gangs to lose their bad name (USA)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Farab, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. Interesting, in light of the free speech discussion in "Off Topic":


  2. and take all them bmw badges away from the old guys too!
  3. I predict this will be as successful as the war in Iraq.
  4. and the war on drugs
  5. At least there were some perks to the job :LOL:
  6. That would be a pretty dangerous job, a DEA agent. I imagine the bikies wouldn't have been too fond of them once it was revealed who they really were.
  7. They would ahve been "arrested" with the rest of them and let go at the station... that way no-one knows anything and everyone looks legit... :)
  8. Saw a doco, I think it was the LA Mongols, where this was not the case. The DEA agent had to come clean (over the phone) to one of the "bosses" that wanted to kill the suspected rat when the shit hit the fan (in order to save the wrongly suspected rat's life) I suspect its witness protection for him and his family, although they showed the DEA agents faces on the doco.
  9. hehehe funny i was thinking the same thing
  10. guess that depends on how old/what shape the female agent is.....might not be as perky as one would hope :LOL: :oops:
  11. I have seen that documentary as well , they talked to the agent as well as talking to some of the people who were members of the gang.

    Think it was on national geographic channel.
  12. The part that scares me is this would / could work. This tactic is no different to what I (and a million other lawyers) do for clients. We register a TM to stop another entity using it.
    Trade Mark something (a name a slogan etc) and you OWN it (legally) which means you say who can / cannot use it and how.
    Now, if the outlaw gangs here were smart, they would Trade Mark thier names FIRST :LOL: before someone tried this.

    There is also an issue of "prior usage" meaning that if the Govt tried to register a (fictious) gang name such as "Vics Vampires" and he (Vic) could prove he had used the name for say 5 years, he would have a better claim if he then tried to register it also.
  13. there's a great story in the hunter Thompson book about a cop demanding that an Angel take his patch jacket off. He does, and he's got a patch just as big on his shirt. The cop makes him take that off too, and the bikie grins and complies, revealing a huge tattoo of the same patch right there on his back. It's a good metaphor; patch club members take their mc membership deadly seriously. This stupid copyright angle is like telling a scot he's not allowed to call himself Scottish.
  14. I like Loz's comments, I saw an old biker at the local pool with his grandkids and he had a full back patch tattoo of the Vikings - Syndey. Now ask him to take that off could be an issue!

    If all bikies had no patches how are the cops going to know if they are a 1% or not! Imagine all the lawyers getting pulled over and suing the cops for whatever they sue them for in the states.