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Motorbike friendly roads in Melbourne

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by qsign, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. Hi All! Lets share your favorite (and those what you hate!) roads/street to commute in peak hour. Also lets put in this thread Melbourne only and if other capitals like an idea lets them make separate thread.

    As for me I like Dawson St in Moreland and Oriel Rd in Heilderberg for very much same reason - they wide with one only line for cars that allow easy progress in stall traffic. Wellington St in City not bad either. In contrast Grange Rd in Darebin could be nightmare - very thick traffic, two narrow lines = virtually kills all advantage being on bike.

  2. Any road that doesn't have a dedicated bike path. Which leave.... ummm...

    Getting to the city from the north is crap. I like Alfred Crescent and Rushall Crescent in North Fitzroy, but then, I like jumps ;). I like the curly bit at the top end of Hoddle, but it turns to sh!t after that. So I put up with Queens Parade, Smith Street, Latrobe St.
    Alternatively the middle lane of Royal Parade (beware camera at Gatehouse st).
    Hates: Brunswick st Fitzroy, Victoria st Richmond :eek:hno:
  3. any wide road or with 2 lanes in the same direction so i split the cagers(y)
  4. Will the camara snap you even if you cross when it's green or is there purely to catch people going on the tram tracks?
  5. It will catch people speeding (on green) as well as running red lights. Easy to do, unintentionally.
  6. Titus is right about coming in from the North - but the middle lane of Royal Parade is great and could have been designed for motorcycles. Getting there down Sydney Road can be a pain sometimes though.

    Once on Royal Parade all you have to worry about are slow riders on scooters who sit at the front and don't move across (and hoons on KTMs as well :) )

    Going home I use Rathdowne St - it always seems to move pretty well and once you get over Princes it's a clear run to Park St (even if it's only 50k it still keeps moving). I use Rathdowne because it can be a tedious process getting down to Elizabeth Street in the afternoon (and I'm usually in less of a hurry in the afternoon).

    Then down Park to Lygon and a rat run through the back streets to Victoria St.
  7. Oh ok you had me scared as I thought that camera snapped drivers/riders using the middle tram track lane as the cameras in Sydney on the bus lane snap drivers/riders who use that lane.
  8. as i work all over the place (sparky), any road with 2 lanes ;)