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Motorbike Frieght from Melbs to Perth Question...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Neo, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. EZ ALL

    Hey I just wanna know whats the best transportation system to be used for
    a permanent move from Melbourne to Perth?

    I want to transport my motorbike, and I ve got 3 quotes
    (from the neat little thread you have this site)
    and theyre around a grand!!

    Is the train cheaper?
    Does anyone know? otherwise i guess my only choice is to use the
    road transportation...

    can anyone help?
    Ta :]
  2. A grand sounds about right. Nearly 2 years ago, my BM cost $880 to get from Sydney to Perth and that was a good price at the time.

    I don't think you get much say in whether your bike goes by road or rail. When delivering to Perth, it's very unlikely that it will be transported in one of the natty, specialist trucks you'll see in the shippers' adverts. More likely it'll be crated up (very well in my case) and moved as general freight, quite possibly in a container, which could go by either.

    Dunno about door-to-door services though. I had to collect my bike from the freight company's yard in Kewdale. I uncrated it there and trailered it home. They'd have loaded the crate onto the trailer for me, but then I'd have had to return it somehow. As it was, I let the freight company send it back (or maybe they didn't and it's still in their yard :wink: ).

    Overall, it wasn't a bad experience, and I'm perfectly happy with the service I received. Just expect to have to do a bit more work than the ads might have you believe :) .
  3. Cheers for that man, much appreciated! yeh guess I will do it then!
  4. Take heaps of water.
    Take heaps of fuel.
    Take iPod.
    Tell the Missus you'll see her in Perth in a week.
    Sorted :grin:
  5. 3400km at 6l/100km and $1.65/l = about $350

    Can't call yourself a true aussie until you've crossed the Nullabor :p
  6. Air Force transports our vehicles to our next posting. Back last year when I moved across here to Perth both me and my mate had our bikes picked up for the move. About a month later, my mate got a fine in the post. The date the fine occurred on happened to be a couple of days after he'd had the bike picked up, and was for cutting doughies in a local park!

    Plus, when he finally did receive the bike, there was damage on one side... Needless to say he was not happy.
  7. haha would love too, but I ride a honda VTR 250!! it will take a week, and my tank is only good for 200 km... Love to get a 600 and do it, would be so much fun!!
  8. Well, I don't want to get into a dick swinging contest, but in 10 days time, I'll be doing Newcastle-Perth on a bike with an 80 km/h cruising speed, 200 km tank range and dubious reliability reputation :wink: . I have no doubt that after three days I will wish that I was on such a wonderful long distance cruiser as a VTR 250.

    I regard it as an adventure, not merely a means of moving a motorcycle :grin: .
  9. Sounds about right, I got a quote for a similar amount to frieght my bike to Darwin. That was with a motorbike frieghting specialist. They make sure they will put the bike in a specially built create, and remove the create once there. It adds to the cost but I wouldn't just ship a bike in a container with other stuff for fear of brakage.

    Another thing, the motorbike frieght company said insurance through them would be extra. My insurance company (AAMI) said they would still cover my bike even when it was being shipped to someone who was buying it at the other end. So you might want to check out insurance.